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Review posted by sweigh5001 on at

Great Theme!

I am completely new to C5, and wanted to produce a good looking site for a new business venture I am starting. This template was on a shortlist of 4-5 that I prepared looking through all of the themes in the marketplace, and I am so glad I chose this one. The inbuilt blocks are excellent, and the theme is robust and good looking. I have integrated a couple of add-ons with no issues.

Adding my logo and managing the page layouts was a doddle, too.
I Would heartily recommend this theme!
Review posted by bottlefedbaby on at

Excellent theme and GREAT support!

Love the style and look of this theme and the inbuilt features it comes with...
The support is fantastic and SUPER quick too
Review posted by TooqInc on at

Solid Templates

I've worked with this template and some if it's variants for a few different sites.

This one is well constructed and easy to modify. I've run into templates that are a house of cards when trying to make changes to the CSS but this template is structured really well and doesn't make life miserable when changes are made.

The mobile style sheets work well, though they have a set width, so require a little work to display on smartphones and tablets.

The template loads quickly and has some nice built in features.
Review posted by freedomconn on at

Great Theme! I highly recommend it!

I am new to concrete5 and web design. I selected this theme because I loved the look of it and it also had great reviews. Now that my site is setup and I have had experience working with it, I want to add my compliments to MichaelG, the theme designer. I continue to get compliments on my website, and I know that much of it is due to the great theme that I used.

I am now ready for my next website design and my client selected a different theme, but one that is also designed by MichaelG. I was thrilled to get the opportunity to use a theme that I know has been well designed!

Thank you MichaelG for some great themes!
Review posted by YDWNancy on at

Beautiful theme, helpful support.

I bought this theme to get a website up in a hurry. I had worked several excruciatingly long days in a row, and just needed something to be fast and easy.

When I first installed it, I had a moment of panic when it didn't look quite like the demo— but then I found the super-helpful, well-written "Theme Help" page, and was able to get it all set up in a matter of an hour or so.

Before I found the help page, I shot off an cranky complaint to the developer about how it wasn't working and since it turned out to be just fine after all, I was especially grateful in the morning when he responded with grace and patience.

As I've dug into the code a bit to further customize the theme, I've been very impressed with the elegance of the coding and attention to detail as well. Everything is nice and neat and organized and labeled.

Michael's themes are a terrific value — you definitely get more than your money's worth!
Review posted by AVL on at

So far, so good!

Michael messaged me within minutes to answer my presale questions. I installed the theme without problems and am in the process of setting up the website. I haven't had a chance to try out each of the included blocks, but plan to use them all. This theme includes almost everything I was looking for at a great price. I am going to attempt switching out the background image (because of our very specific business - I personally love the image included), so we'll see how that goes. I will try to remember to post an updated review once I am done building, with all the other blocks and add-ons I plan to use (including eCommerce). So far I am really pleased and I don't foresee any major issues. Really, I am having a hard time resisting the urge to ask Michael questions regarding basic coding that are somewhat unrelated to the theme, because I get the impression he'd still help me out!
Review posted by tash on at

Excellent theme and even better support

Well sounds like there is a common "theme" around here (pun intended). This theme is very slick, pretty, etc. Michael provides excellent support. All of my questions were replied to very quickly and the answers were always in the first response. Thanks so much for designing this elegant theme.
Review posted by rmcgredy on at

Great Theme, Even Better Support

Love this theme! Great looking with an attention to detail that a lot of themes are lacking. The widgets are very useful and make for a really nice looking and easy to use package. Hit a couple of hiccups in deploying that were no fault of the theme but Michael was incredibly responsive and helped me sort things out quickly. I will definitely check his themes first for all future projects. Thanks!
Review posted by prober996 on at

Beautiful theme and outstanding support

Besides creating a beautiful, functional, and highly flexible theme, Michael is ultra-responsive to questions (even stupid ones!). All of my questions were answered within 30 minutes of me posting them, and his responses were clear and pointed me to quick solutions.
Review posted by npderive on at


This theme is very well designed, and it's eye catching. It's one of the first themes I bought, and I really like it.

The dev is very helpful and patient with clients. I had some issues, mainly due to the fact that I'm new to C5, but I was guided along the right path. Thanks again :)

You won't be disappointed with themes from this dev.
Response by Vivid on at
You left a review before even contacting me for support? ...
The theme installs as a package first, then it'll show up in themes :/
Review posted by etrixsupport on at

Great theme layout and support

I'm impressed with the support given and editing is easy. Overall is GREAT!!
Review posted by agpate on at

The best. Without question.

I was impressed with this theme from the very beginning. The demo website made it very clear how it worked and showed off all the 'bells & whistles'. Downloading was done with usual ease and I was off, creating something new!

I ran into one or two difficulties, mostly to do with getting my head around a couple of concepts (such as which style to use for the homepage, best size for photos, etc.) and a couple of bugs (some bugs with a graphic or two). I received support within minutes—yes, minutes! The issues I had were dealt with in a helpful, supportive and efficient manner. The time taken to support me ran into several hours so as far as I'm concerned, that alone was worth the cost!

I really cannot fault this theme nor can I fault the support I have received. Absolutely amazing and well worth the price!

So if you are looking for a very professional, clean and innovative theme with support which is second to none, look no further.

I'm very impressed. You will be too.
Response by Vivid on at
Thanks a ton for the review! I'm very glad I could help you get your site completely up and running in just a few hours!

2.02 - 1.1

Review posted by faruk on at

Natural theme

Nice theme thanks for the help Mike
Review posted by faruk on at

Naturally nice

Great theme
Review posted by BizOrg on at

Fantastic theme

This theme is great, both in terms of looks and functionality. It's not often that you come across a theme that's both elegant and simple to use. The different layouts are also quite good for the different pages.

2.2 - 1.1

Review posted by lackadaize on at

Nice theme, fast support

Simple enough theme with quick support. 'nuf said.

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