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The drop down menu from the main navigation appears behind the power slider photos and text. What is the solution to this problem? The website address is following:http://www.sussexcampervans.co.uk

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studiopilates replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi I have the same problem. Any solution?
bbmgonline replied on at Permalink Reply

How did you get the home page to work? for some odd reason it just sets up like the nav pages...http://bbmgonline.com/Clients/Jewels/...
I'm playing around with everything now but am getting slightly frustrated...HELP!
studiopilates replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, for me I just chooses Pagetype "Homepage" under edit page and design menu. I don´t remember doing anything else.

Best regard/ Jonas
bbmgonline replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Jonas,

That's the problem, homepage isn't an option for me. The other issue I have now identified is it will only allow the right sidebar and nothing else. Any other thoughts?


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justinnipper replied on at Permalink Reply

Check out this link and the paragraph on the right hand side!http://natural.isitvivid.com/natural-leather/theme-help/...

Jason, the most important thing to make sure is that all the page types are installed.

Go to "Pages & Themes" in the dashboard, hit "inspect" on this theme, then install all the page types you're missing.
After that, go to the homepage, and you should be able to change the page type to homepage.

Let me know if this resolves your issue.
bbmgonline replied on at Permalink Reply
Awsome, sounds great, I will do just that. BTW I want to move the
sitewide logo block up a little higher. How do I do that? I promise no
more questions after that.

Thank you for the support all of you have provided.


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