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I love this theme and I use it on my website. However I am having some problem with the image slider. Well it works perfectly but I would really like to change the height of the image slider because right now it's too big for my site. How can I do this in the best way? I tried saving my pictures in a smaller format and also changing the max width but it didn't help.

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks, glad you like the theme. The height of the slider adapts to the height of the images, so you'll need to crop the images and reupload them (keep the width but reduce the height). You can do this using Photoshop or directly using the File Manager: go to Dashboard -> File Manager -> click on the Image and select Edit, next reduce the height but keep the same width (make sure the lock icon is unselected).


csgrabben replied on at Permalink Reply
I figured that was the issue. I need the whole image to be visible so I made a workaround making the image wider with transparent background on the sides. It works so I guess I will keep it at that :)
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh, I see. Some other options you may want to consider if you do not want to edit all images:

A) Add some right and left margin to the slider: click on the block, select Design & Custom Template, and under "Margin and Padding" add some margin to the left and the right.

B) Place the slider inside a layout: add a layout with 3 columns and place the Slider in the middle one.

Anyway, if it works, why change it :)



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