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This is probably going to expose me as a real newbie at this. I could have swore I saw a toggle somewhere where I could turn on/off the dropdown menus for the sitewide navigation. For some reason - I can't seem to find that switch any longer.

Can you help a poor newbie find that option?


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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

no worries, probably the option is not that obvious.

I think you need to edit the Auto Nav block located in the header (or add one if you don't have one). Next, under Child Pages, select "Display all" and under "Page Levels" choose "Display a custom amount" and enter at least 1 level.

More info:

Hope this helps,

bitstomper replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks Jordi. I had found that option already, but could have swore that there was another place that gave me more control over the dropdowns and the type of dropdown that would be displayed. I must be confused with another theme that I had played with if you don't have that option in the Neat Theme.

I really like the Neat Theme by the way. Thank-you so much.


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