Version History


  • Fontawesome icons updated to latest version, fontawesome is now also linked to the MaxCDN version of Fontawesome.


  • Feature added, you can now alter the color of the text in the main navigations "active" tab independently to all other tabs.


  • Fixed bug that may have prevented some users from using more than one Vidall Slider and Vidall Portfolio Slider on the same page.


  • Feature added: Fontawesome icons now updated to version 4+, you can now use updated syntax for adding icons, see the new syntax here. Thank you to Concrete5 community member Goutnet for his kind contribution to this update.


  • Bug fixed that prevented 3rd level navigation from appearing.


Bug fix: fixed bug that caused TinyMCE "bold" and "Italic" styles to not work.

New feature: You can now add a choice of 3 different list styles to your page, using the "styles" menu in TinyMCE, disc, square, and numeric bullet points have been added.



New feature: you can now fully customise the dropdown nav, these options have been added to the customise page:

  • Dropdown nav text
  • Dropdown nav background
  • Dropdown nav hover text
  • Drop down nav hover background