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Review posted by closetplace on at

Love Nova Theme

I have used this theme to build 2 of my businesses web sites and it is perfectly suited for my need. The slider is a great feature, and on the whole the theme is very well designed and is particularly well suited to designers who want an effective way to showcase their work to attract potential clients. The added bonus is just how great this theme works for mobile--clean and responsive. Well done Vidal !

Before 1.0

Review posted by kjdkjd on at

5/5 Stars

While designing within the layout; it becomes apparent the creator of this theme had users' flexibility and customisation in mind.
We've set this theme up for an arts company, the professional just subtle unique personality of the theme ticked all the boxes perfectly.
Highly recommended!
Review posted by timbell on at

Nova Theme

This is a great theme! I love how easy it is to make changes and customize. It is clean and responsive. Support is excellent should you have further questions. The video instruction is done extremely well and has been a delight!!!

Another winner from Vidall. I recommend it to all C5 participants! Thanks again and I'm looking forward to your next theme as well. A job well done.
Review posted by firststeps on at

Amazing theme

I absolutely love this theme, we needed a site that would work on mobile devices as well as PC's and laptops, and Nova fits that bill perfectly, the custom blocks have really helped us to put our site together fast. I only had one small question to ask the developers and received a super fast response from Vidall Themes.

The ability to customise just about everything is great, from full screen backgrounds, down to the tiniest highlight colours, we have the site looking just the way we want.

Highly recommended.

1.0 -

Review posted by Interludepictures on at

Top Shelf

I needed to move my site from a static framework to something mobile and tablet friendly. I scoured the theme page and after much deliberation decide on the Nova theme.

The support from the Vidall team has been exceptional, they have assisted me in tweaking the css to suit my needs. I am very pleased with the result and would highly recommend this theme (or judging by the support) any of their themes should they suit your application.

Great work guys. Well done. Keep it up.


1.2 -

Review posted by scrivener on at

Beautiful Theme!

This theme is a great looker, easy to customize, and support is fast, fast, FAST. Very helpful!

1.3 -

Review posted by jwjmurray on at

Nice theme, shame about the add-ons

The theme is good. Responsive, clear, easy to use and looks nice. No fault to be found there. Unfortunately things aren't so good when it comes to the bundled add-ons.

First let's look at the portfolio slider. On the plus side it's easy to configure simple to set up and works well - as long as you don't try to use it more than once on a page. Do that and it breaks, badly. The second slider simply doesn't work at all - all you get is the raw images.

Unfortunately the same is true for the main slider. It also works well (although the options are extremely limited) unless you try to put more than one on a page when it also breaks, very badly. This time the two sliders interact, becoming totally confused and jumping back & forward constantly.

Given that the theme is clearly designed with multiple columns & areas within each page I'd have expected something like that to have been tested and these irritating bugs dealt with before the theme got released.

That said, it's not a bad theme... if it wasn't for the bugs it would be an easy 5 stars.

Response by VidalThemes on at
Thank you for your review.

Unfortunately we have no record, of you placing a support request about the issues you were having, in fact we have received no communication from you until now.

Please make sure in future you give myself or any other developer, a fair chance to fix an issue, before you commit a poor review.

Now this issue has been raised we will work on a fix, and get it out ASAP.


Review posted by Robert12345 on at

Nova - a rather splendid piece of work

Have just cut my teeth on Concrete 5 with Nova and it made it all the easier and the results all the more splendid!
Its components did what they promised to do - not an entirely common thing in software. The design is everything it says it is - clean, fresh, stylish, flexible .... I could go on .... but, hey, I've now got sites to design!!
It gave me great confidence in learning C5 and together with the accompanying videos and the unselfish support provided, I'm delighted that I followed through with this choice.

1.4 -

Review posted by garyjhills on at

Outstanding Service

I purchased the Nova theme only a few days ago. Had a few teething issues with some functions but David from Vidall was truly excellent in his quickness to reply & with his help. I will certainly purchase a theme or add-on from Vidall in future without any hesitation.

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