Sections (main page)


A page with theme Nuve is composed of sections. A section is an Area "Main" which is displayed in full screen. You can use as many section you want using the attribute "Number of Sections".

Dress a section

To work perfectly, a section need a background color or background image. To set a background color or image and customize the text and links color, click on an empty area or its label at the bottom left of it and select the Edit Area Design menu item. Once a style is added to a section you will need to refresh the page to see it fully functional.

Content of a section.

A section is always a height equal to the browser window. Because of this feature, the contents of a section need to be reduced, otherwise some content would be invisible on small displays.

The content of a section is always centered vertically.

A section can contain Layouts.

Scroll Effect

It is possible to choose from 7 display effects. Change the "Scroll transition" attribute to test the one you like.

Auto scrolling.

The script can place each section into a movement of scroll. For that enable the attribute "Auto Scroll".