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Hi team,
I am evaluating theme operand.

On live demo:
main menu appears float right,

is a wrong? I wish menu inside a container grid.


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jsantaga replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Alessandro,

Nice to hear from you again!

I will add this as a feature right away and include the floated style as a template. Let me get back to you when I add the feature sometime today.

jsantaga replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Again Alessandro,

So I have added your request and have included the navigation inside of the bootstrap grid by default.

There are custom templates that will also let users float the navigation all the way out to the right or left as well should they desire.

Thanks for the handy feature request. Download the theme update and let me know how it works!

lota replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordan,
great! it works as expected now.

For very large monitor I like this solution.


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