The Concrete5 default "my acount" icon is under de navigation bar!

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Hello there,

I've no programing skils but concrete5 as allowed me to be on my second website, and working with registered users. This means that I need to use the "my acount" icon set by default on screen were it is

As in the first one (with Stucco) when I used a slider on the nav area it covered the button sollution: work with a picture (no problem there)

I'm now working on a new site using the Palette free theme, but when I use the slider the "my account" button doesn't show and if use an picture i can't clikc on it because of the header background transparent!

Can you help, how do I move the "my account" button

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nipper15 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi ArturLucas,

I adjusted the style sheet.
So, please upgrade to version 1.0.1.


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The Concrete5 default "my acount" icon is under de navigation bar!

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