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Review posted by pedroC5 on at

The Pixel rocks

This theme has a lot of features to design your site in a unique way, and the author's support is very good and quickly. This theme works and you can rock & roll with this.
Review posted by simonchilton on at

Best theme in the markeplace

I'm a developer of 18 years and an early concrete5 adopter. Pixel is the best theme I've used by far - looks great, excellent features, elegantly responsive and nicely coded with comments so you can see how it works if you want to. Works flawlessly in the 6 or so sites I've used it on. Can't recommend it highly enough. Great work guys!
Review posted by DCBjacob on at

One of the best themes on the marketplace

I've designed several websites over the course of a few years that I've been using Concrete5. I started with 5.6 and now I'm building with 5.8. I'm a big fan of the Pixel 2 theme as it has a ton of options built into it and it's very easy to customize to fit your needs. I've used this theme on two websites so far and I'm currently developing a third website (my largest, several hundred pages) because of how user friendly and overall well rounded this theme is. Support is also great, so if you get stuck you're not alone to try and figure out the issue.
Response by Elstud on at
Thank you.
If you need something, you can ask too !

Before 1.1.3

Review posted by bustercampaign on at

Great work!

This theme works flawlessly and looks great! I am very happy with it!

1.1.3 -

Review posted by ScottsdaleUnified on at

Excellent Customer Service and Robust Theme

Very Happy with this theme selection. The author is very responsive to tickets and the theme will work very well for our project. I look forward to seeing it developed further!

1.2.0 -

Review posted by stressdesign on at

Flexible Theme, Easy to Get Started, Limitless Possibilities!

Pixel is one of the great themes in the C5 Marketplace.

The theme is modern, flexible and extremely powerful and suitable for any type of website communication.

The starting points included make getting to work customizing the site to your specific needs easy.
Review posted by sharadkap on at

Very simple and amazing UX

I was looking for a theme from quite some time and then I stumble upon this one.
Very honestly speaking, this is quite amazing job the dev has done and the simplicity speaks for itself. The UX fits most of the use cases of almost any website. I really appreciate the little amazing things the dev has done and made it quite useful yet simple to use and update.
Review posted by baysmedia on at

Flexible theme, very modern and great support

I've purchased a lot of different C5 themes over the years (40+ probably), and at certain points I was close to despair with things not working as expected and lack of support thereof. However, this theme has renewed my faith with the C5 framework.

It's not perhaps as fully featured (yet) as the big theme players (Supermint / Fundemental), but it works robustly and owing to its easy-to-use management interface, makes it quite easy to spin up an awesome looking, yet bespoke-configured, website.

There are a number of features that I'd like to see integrated, like better approach to typography management entirely (at time of writing this, you have to modify the css files by hand which, I suspect, will get overwritten in each theme update) and better colour management options.

Never-the-less, I'll give it five stars for the fact it looks awesome, clear attention to detail for designers to allow them to manipulate the look at their will with ease and the support responses is near-on instantaneous (which is worth five stars on its own).

Anyway, enough of the gushing, it's a great theme which is adaptable for a lot of website needs IMHO.

1.4.2 -

Review posted by pedroC5 on at

Great theme!

This theme works fine and has a lot of possibilities to change layout. Once contacted support - very quick answer!
Review posted by naokik on at

Awesome theme, awesome support

PIXEL theme is very clean and modern theme with tons of features.
Support is very responsive and updated frequently.

I really enjoy this theme and recommend to my colleagues.
Review posted by TanishaEileen on at

Pixel Theme is Awesome!

I've really enjoyed this theme since I first installed it and i've purchased quite a few themes for Concrete5.

The options are perfect for any business or site, its easy to use, very easy to customize. Would recommend it to anyone for a professional site. Support is great also.

2.0.1 -

Review posted by webdesign4 on at

Great Theme

I am very happy to found this theme and the developer is very fast with answer and perfect help!
Pixel is one of the great themes in the C5 Marketplace. - my Client and i like it very much - the next site is also building with pixel theme

Thanks for the fast great support

2.0.3 -

Review posted by DBKG on at

Awesome theme and support

Can't say enough good things about Pixel 2 or the developer. It has so many options that you could build a wide array of sites that don't look the same but function equally well. (Only thing you might need to do that beyond what is already in the package might be to customize fonts.)

The theme is modern, flexible, and powerful, with lots of blocks to employ right out of the box. It has a high degree of customization choices, and the options are well-thought-out and intuitive to use. The real power under the hood of this theme is in the Dashboard options that will save a lot of time when customizing a site.

Only thing better than the theme might be the developer, who has consistently responded quickly, gone above and beyond to help, and been able to solve issues. If you are not a developer (like me), it's reassuring to know that help not only comes quickly, but that it also solves problems. I haven't used this on 5.7 but it's a dream for 5.8+. I know that some people complain about having to pay for themes on concrete5. But really, once you start working with themes like this, and you appreciate all the things you can do with it, you understand that fifty bucks is an absolute bargain.

Highly recommended.

2.0.3 -

Review posted by C5DK on at

I must say - Very nice all round theme!

We have tested and decided to use it on a demonstration page for Community Store. I personally think it's one of the best themes ever made for concrete5. There is a great balance between functionality and design. And one important point, there is a certain calm over this theme.

Concrete5 Danmark

2.0.3 -

Review posted by hemiipatu on at

The best theme available!

This is easily the prettiest theme that you're going to find on concrete5s theme store, not only that but the developer provides support on an unprecedented scale at no extra cost and has since the beginning of my purchase; no matter what the question. Been extremely helpful!

Absolutely super theme and super dev!!
Review posted by DJKing on at

Great Theme and Support

I'm not an expert by any means but loaded up fine.

I had a few none theme issues and got valuable fast support...great service!

Concrete5 Version Installed - 8.3.2
Review posted by RAMHighlander on at


This Pixel2 theme is a nice and easy to use template.
Remark: Please update the documentation for Concrete5 8.3.1.
- René -

2.1.0 -

Review posted by C5DK on at

Concrete5 Denmark now uses this theme

We simply think that this theme is the top notch for concrete5 at the moment. We were in the process of updating and it felt natural to use a concrete5 theme from the marketplace.
Why did we choose PIXEL? We have worked with most of the themes, but PIXEL seem a lot more flexible (the way of customizing css is great).

Keep up the good work - we will then try to supply the customers.
Review posted by webdesign4 on at

Pixel 2.1

i like this theme, its the second one for the next client ;-)

2.1.0 -

Review posted by Goldsmith on at

Easy to install - very flexible template

I´ve installed the template only a few days ago, but i can already say that there are many usefull funktions included and a very friendly support. I think i´ll get buildet my new site up within short time.
Review posted by edsaxmoore on at

Great Theme

Easy to install, well documented, plenty of features. I will purchase more from this developer. Good work!
Review posted by Elstud on at


This is the template we expected on concrete 5!
Almost everything is perfect and when something is missing, the developer is just charming, fast and understand fast.
We are lucky!


C'est le template qu'on attendait sur concrete 5 !
Presque tout est parfait et quand il manque quelque chose, le développeur est juste charmant, rapide et comprends vite.
Nous sommes chanceux !
Review posted by cristi78 on at

It's impossible not to recommend this theme :)

This review was long overdue but better late than never.

My first experience with a paid theme on C5 was with Pixel and I can say that it's a great one. Of course, I encountered some difficulties and problems but the developer was very helpful and responsive (pun intended) :)
I hope the development of this theme will continue.

Review posted by echan101 on at

Looks great, easy to use, top notch support

I used this on my first ever Concrete5 website. I tried some of the free themes and poked around a little, but I settled on Pixel and I am glad that I did.

The author (Shahroq) is very responsive and provides excellent support. He responded with answers to multiple questions, some within 5 minutes. He knows his stuff, and he's very patient.

And the theme looks great too. Modern and responsive!

Menus look great and are sized nicely (no seriously, there are so many Concrete5 themes where the menu is too big or in a strange place). And Pixel has so many different types of menus, there's bound to be one that suits your design.

Quite a few blocs included, such as surveys and a much better slider.
Review posted by deanhawthornthwaite on at

One of the best

I'm still getting to grips with the workings of the theme, but so far I'm most impressed with its design and structure and the many options it offers.
It's a beautiful theme and has some really nice design functions, which for me is very important. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!
The support is very good and replies are prompt and concise.
Review posted by darrellgw on at

Very Nice Looking Theme

This theme is very well thought out and looks and functions great. It does take a short while to figure out how to manage it as each developer has their own way/process of putting themes together, but once you have that down it works well. It's very easy to change the accent colors and the starter pages are nice. And the best part, responses to questions/issues were handled well and timely. I will buy this theme again.

2.1.0 -

Review posted by NECA on at

Stunning theme. Agile support.

The absolute benchmark for C5 themes, add-ons and support. Bring on v3!
Review posted by webdesign4 on at

Perfect Support - Great Theme

Thanks for this great theme and your perfect big support and help !

Review posted by erinsprester on at

Love this theme!

This theme has so much to work with and is very easy to use and understand! I will be using it again in the future, for sure!

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