Flexible theme, very modern and great support

I've purchased a lot of different C5 themes over the years (40+ probably), and at certain points I was close to despair with things not working as expected and lack of support thereof. However, this theme has renewed my faith with the C5 framework.

It's not perhaps as fully featured (yet) as the big theme players (Supermint / Fundemental), but it works robustly and owing to its easy-to-use management interface, makes it quite easy to spin up an awesome looking, yet bespoke-configured, website.

There are a number of features that I'd like to see integrated, like better approach to typography management entirely (at time of writing this, you have to modify the css files by hand which, I suspect, will get overwritten in each theme update) and better colour management options.

Never-the-less, I'll give it five stars for the fact it looks awesome, clear attention to detail for designers to allow them to manipulate the look at their will with ease and the support responses is near-on instantaneous (which is worth five stars on its own).

Anyway, enough of the gushing, it's a great theme which is adaptable for a lot of website needs IMHO.

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