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Hi there,

what do you recommend is the best way to add custom icons from different icon sets or even change the entire icon set to a custom one – e.g. icomoon/fontawesome pro in the pixel theme?
Goal: Making more or other icons available to editors, e.g. through the icon selection in the "highlight block".

Thanks a lot in advance!

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shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
I would do this in three steps:
1. Include your new fonts in the custom files (Check `Instructions` page #18)
2. Some of the fa icons are used on the page and defined for global use in Pixel `less` files. You should find/override them in custom files.
3. The last one in changing blocks that used fa icons. I suggest you duplicate every template you intend to use in the /application/blocks/ folder and apply new icons.
p.s: I think Loca did that while ago for a customer. You can contact/hire him if he were available, though, I believe, if you know your way around CSS a bit, making these changes won't be so hard.
ulix replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi shahroq,
thanks a lot for the quick reply and the instructions. I'll try that out.
Best, Ulix
admin replied on at Permalink Reply
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