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I've read the instructions and have created the new structure and files required to change fonts.

In config/pixel_theme/ I have ....
@import url('[email protected];600');

In config/pixel_theme/ I have...
@body-font: 'IBM Plex Sans', sans-serif;
@heading-font: 'IBM Plex Sans Semi-bold', sans-serif;
@secondary-font: 'IBM Plex Sans', sans-serif;

However, the font is not loading, but is being replaced with the default sans-serif

Further, Trying to use the new Google CSS2 protocol ( crashes C5.

Looking for some help with this...

Thank you!

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76West replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm also noting lines 4, 5, 46, 47 in packages/theme_pixel/themes/pixel/css/style5.7.less

do these lines need to be modified?
shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
I tested your code and it works just fine. Could you send me a live link so I can take a look?
76West replied on at Permalink Reply
sent via DM thx!
shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,
This is what you should append:
In `\application\config\pixel_theme\'
@import url('//');

In `\application\config\pixel_theme\'
@body-font:                     'IBM Plex Sans', sans-serif;
@heading-font:                  'IBM Plex Sans', sans-serif;
@secondary-font:                'IBM Plex Sans', serif;
76West replied on at Permalink Reply
Great! Thank you. That's working to render the required font in browser.

However, it seems to omit the ability to specify font weights which is what our previous code was attempting to do (following google font syntax)

Is font weight specification not possible?
shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
Of course possible. Check the `\packages\theme_pixel\themes\pixel\css\less\variables.less` and look for any variable with `font-weight` in that, and copy/paste them to your custom file. Then change them based on your fetched google font.
admin replied on at Permalink Reply
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