Profitable has many unique features. Some of them are below.


Use of the latest and greatest css3 and html5 features
Automatic Drop down Navigation
4 different preloaded styles for your site
Mobile and Desktop themes
Amazing customization options
5 page types
Compatibility with the mall major browsers
Purely Typographical design
Beautiful Typography
And so much more...



Feature Requests

If you want any features that you think this theme should have but doesn't, either pm me through my concrete5 profile or click on the feature requests button on this themes page on concrete5.org. Either way, ill try to respond soon. If its something only you want, ill just email you with a new version. If its something that I realize that the theme could really use though, Ill update the theme with that feature and grant you an unlimited use license for this theme. If you suggest a feature that I don't want in the theme, I can release it for you, but I will not for the general public, and you will not get a free unlimited license.





This theme automatically detects mobile visitors and redirects them to a mobile version of your site. You can customize the mobile look. 


No Images


This theme uses no images. Not even for the gradients. This is to make your site run as quickly as possible. It also shows off how powerful css3 is.