Installation & Setup

Once the package is uploaded, simply install it. The default layout is Left Sidebar, and the package comes with a Right Sidebar page type. 

Although this theme could be used across the entire site, it is recommended to be used on single sub-pages. It does NOT include any global areas at this time.

It includes a "Sidebar" and "Main" content area, so you can easily switch from any other theme. 

Responsive Framework

This theme uses a modified version of the Skeleton framework. 

Material Design Usage

This theme comes with a modified version of "Materialize", which is an extensive Material Design CSS library. The included version does NOT include the grid. You may wish to apply some of the other classes, though. 

Learn more at 

Material Design Icons

Also included is a Material Design Icon (MDI) library. If you would like to display an icon, the HTML should look like this: 

<i class="mdi mdi-arrow-right"></i>

To see a list of icons, go to: 

NOTE: The included MDI library will be updated with each new release. If an icon doesn't show up, it may be because it is not included with the current library.