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I want the exact site as the one you have on the preview. I try to apply the theme that I just purchase but it mixes with the old theme.

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pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm not sure exactly what you mean about the theme mixing with your old theme. If you have applied the theme, all of the styles should be from the theme that is active, and not from your old theme. If you like, you could send me a link to look at, via pm or email [email protected] Please do not send private info via this support ticket, as it is public.

The theme comes with sample content, but it is not the entire demo site. To install the sample content, when you install the theme you need to select the option to swap contents. See instructions below:


When concrete5 is installed on your server, download the “Salix” package, unzip and place into the “packages” directory in the root of your concrete5 installation.

Log into your website and go to Dashboard (top right of menu) and choose “Extend Concrete5”. You will see the Salix theme thumbnail on the left. Click “Install”.

You will then be offered a choice to use the Salix sample content or not. You will see “Clear this site?” and under “Swap Site Contents” choose “Yes” if you wish to use Salix sample content (CAUTION: this will erase anything you already have on your site), or “No” if you DO NOT want the Salix sample content. Then click “Install”.


If you chose “Yes” under “Swap Site Contents” your theme will be active already.

If you chose “No” under “Swap Site Contents”, you need to active the theme. Go to the Dashboard (top right icon in menu) choose “Pages and Themes “, then click on “Themes”. Click on “Activate” next to the Salix theme thumbnail. Click “OK” to apply the theme to every page on your website. If you click the top left arrow in the menu, you will go to your home page.

If you have already installed Salix but not chosen to swap contents, you may wish to uninstall Salix and then install it again, this time choosing to swap contents, in order to get the sample content. Please note that if you do install sample content, it will remove everything currently on your site.



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