I changed theme to greek yogurt as the customer liked that more.

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I then changed to Greek Yogurt and then released the theme from the project so I could use it to another project.

Then disaster came!

I see this, but only for the home page.

Fatal error: Call to a member function getBlockTypeHandle() on a non-object in /home/angelam/public_html/angela/core/libraries/block_view_template.php on line 41

I reinstalled the theme, actiavated again, but nothing. Still the same error. I deleted all the blocks still nothing.

Please could you help me here?

Thank you.

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pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm wondering if possibly you may have deleted things in the wrong order. Please see this link here with the same error as you have:


You could try putting the Salix package back as it was before you deleted it in the package directory and then uninstall it correctly. Go to Dashboard > Install > Click on "Edit" next to Salix and click "Uninstall package". Check "Yes, remove the package's directory from the installation directory." Click "Uninstall".

If that doesn't work, you may need to do a fresh install of concrete5 with a clean database. This would mean that you would have to create everything on the website again.


ziniatis replied on at Permalink Reply
I did not delete it from anywhere else. I uninstalled it from the dash board.

Is there a way you could fix this problem and I am willing to pay for your help ofcourse.

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pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, can you please send your FTP login user name and password, also your concrete5 website user name and password and website address (URL).

I can login and evaluate and give you a cost to fix the problem before proceeding.



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sql.safe_mode - Off
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