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I am using your theme to port a Concrete 5.6 site to concrete 5.8 . So far I really like the theme but I am running into a problem. You have changed the way the auto-nav works so that if I have pages under a top level page -- for example a Destination Page - that include subpages such as Colorado and Utah, I can't actually click on and get to the Destinations page. This type of behavior is a problem for me. Ditto with a page like About . Is there a way I can just use the standard auto-nav behaviour that comes with bootstrap (i.e the way auto-nave works on the main concrete 5 site)? It looks like your auto-nav block replaces the bootstrap block. (Maybe I am wrong.)
Thank you.

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dgreer replied on at Permalink Reply
Actually, after more investigation, I think the problem could be solved by simply using the template that comes with the default concrete 5.8 autonav block. The template is called "Responsive Header Navigation" . Unfortunately, the menu displays vertically when I select this template. My guess is there is some CSS missing?? Anyway this could be corrected?
Thank you
pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply

I apologise for the delay in our response, for some reason your support ticket did not come through to our email.

We use a Bootstrap menu, which has this behaviour to be friendly on touch devices. If the menu does not suit your needs, you are welcome to request a refund. Alternatively, you can customise the menu behaviour. If you search on the internet for "bootstrap parent link navigable" you will find there are various tips on customising the Bootstrap menu, such as here:

You can try adding something like this javascript to your footer.php:
$('li.dropdown').on('click', function() {
    var $el = $(this);
    if ($el.hasClass('open')) {
        var $a = $el.children('a.dropdown-toggle');
        if ($a.length && $a.attr('href')) {
            location.href = $a.attr('href');
$(function() {
            function(){ $(this).addClass('open') },
            function(){ $(this).removeClass('open') }

The menu is described on page 5 of the Salix documentation, which is in the package folder and also here:

If you want to use the default menu from concrete5, we haven't provided styles for it as we use our own autonav block.

However, if you like the menu of Cloneamental, it might be easier to use that theme, rather than customising the menu for Salix. Good luck, and apologies again for the delay in response.


dgreer replied on at Permalink Reply
I like the theme so I would prefer to try to the Javascript. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. This is a long established site and I don't want to change the funtionality or make some of the pages hard to access.

Thank you.
pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply
That makes sense - good luck with your project. Thanks,


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