Seren - Capable of being a one page scrolling website?

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Hi there

I was wondering if it's possible to use Seren as a one page website, e.g., when the nav links are clicked it scrolls down to the relevant section? It would be great if this would work.

Grateful for advice,

Bruce Manning

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pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply

Seren isn't a one page website theme; however, there should be some on the marketplace (e.g. Long Story Short).

You can customise your theme, if you feel comfortable doing so. To create a one page website, you could set up div or section tags with anchors in them in the page template. Then you can add a link to the anchor in sitemap. If you search on the internet for one page templates and one page tutorials, you will find examples to copy.

To edit a page template, you would need to select one that you liked the style, e.g. home.php located in the Seren package folder here:

Open this up in something like Notepad++ or Dreamweaver and rename it, e.g. one-page.php. You can add anchors (id="nameofsection") to existing divs in the page template, e.g.
<div class="seren-full-width seren-home-1" id="portfolio">

<div class="seren-full-width seren-home-2" id="about">

Then you would need to upload the new page template to your server under seren/themes/seren, go to the dashboard and select pages and themes > page templates button next to Seren > your new page template should be showing > click OK. Then navigate to your home page and choose your new page template under Design.

To add the links in, go to Dashboard > Full Sitemap > click on Home > Add external link > e.g. if your section was called "Portfolio" you would put name: Portfolio URL:

Then you need to exclude from navigation any pages you don't want to show in the menu (attributes > exclude from nav).

I'm not sure if this is the best way to do it in concrete5, but this is how we did it for one of our websites. See this link for an example (right click view source to see the sections):

Obviously, with this method, you would have to make the changes in the page template and CSS yourself, and you couldn't add sections dynamically. Whereas, if you bought a one page website theme from the marketplace (such as Long Story Short) then you would have it all done for you, and have the appropriate styles etc. So it is possible, but might be easier to start with a one page theme.


heritageboy replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jennifer

Thanks - that must be the most comprehensive and useful reply I've ever encountered on a support forum! This is all a bit over my head so I think I'll stick with Seren as it is. For info I used Long Story Short on my first C5 project

pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply

You're welcome - probably is a bit easier to start with a one page theme! Thanks for sharing your one page website - it looks good. If you want to share it publicly, you can post it here It's nice to see what is being done with concrete5.

Best wishes,

heritageboy replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi again Jennifer

I managed to get the 'one page' look by using anchors and the Smooth Scrolling add-on. Thanks again for the help.

pilipala replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Bruce,
Thanks, that's a good idea. Looks good :)

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