Works with versions 5.7.5 through to and beyond...

Main Features:

Super flexible, customisable and lightweight e-commerce theme package built primarily to use with the C5 'Community Store' add-on. Can also accommodate the 'Ecwid' e-commerce platform scripts and 'Paypal' buttons. You can use one, all three or mix and match solutions without any conflicts.

Optional 'Start' points:
'Full Content Swap'. Clears out existing content, images, pages and Resets your existing site with the package content, pages, custom blocks and templates including images.
NOTE: You must have ‘ComStore’ installed BEFORE using 'Full Content Swap'.

'No Content Swap'. Installs theme and custom elements, but leaves existing pages, content, etc in place.

Custom blocks:
The ‘Shopin Product’ block can be used in several ways to emphasise/promote pages or products with an optional page link. Example on home page.

The 'Shopin Paypal' block allows you to add a product image, some info and a 'Paypal' button. Example on this product page.

Download the 'Community Store' add-on: Github
Download the 'Paypal' payments add-on: Github

Check out Ecwid and Paypal.

Get started with paypal buttons.

Custom templates:
Two ‘Community Store’ templates needed because this theme package is NOT using Bootstrap. One is for the 'product' page and one is for the 'product list'.

Three ‘auto-nav’ templates: Main nav, breadcrumb nav and a vertical nav.

Four ‘image’ templates: All 'Image' blocks will automatically show a subtle border. Custom templates will show a bit of padding and another border. Templates also allow you to position them to the left, center or right. Although image blocks default to the left with LTR languages, the left template is for RTL languages.

One slider template.

One ‘Page List’ template.

One ‘Search’ template.

One ‘YouTube’ template: Makes using the 'YouTube' block responsive without using Javascript.

Demo site set up as you'll see it when you install the package: Shopin

Live site for client. Lots to do yet. Blackdog

Need help with stuff, pm me?

Customizable Styles: Yes
License: Standard
Page Types: Blank Default Full Left Sidebar Page Forbidden Page Not Found Right Sidebar Three Column Two Column
Current Version:
Compatible 5.7.5+
Support Response: Replies to tickets every business day.
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Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review