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I am looking at this template for a client of mine and had two questions.

1) Can you change the colors on some of the elements, like the navigation menu, title tags, buttons, etc. without having to modify the css file? I can't see anywhere in your demo site that theme colors are customizable above and beyond being able to change color in text blocks through the wyswig editor.

2) I do not see any kind of slideshow capabilities. Do you have third party slideshow elements that you know integrate well into your theme?


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c5box replied on at Permalink Reply

Thank you for taking interest.

1. Yes, this theme comes with its own customization options found in settings > design > customization. You could also enable the rich text editor to edit via the wysiwyg editor.

2. Concrete5 has a built-in image slider block.

Thanks and regards,
lschlosberg497 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks James,

I wanted to assume as much for the colors, but not all themes provide customization at that level. We may want to do more than the default slide show editor, that's why i was wondering if there were others you knew worked well... I saw a few questions in these threads about some. I will look into further.


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