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Superb Theme

Having read through previous reviews, I am astounded at the negative response by some people to what is a superb theme. Hello? Have you forgotten what you paid for the theme? When you consider the time and effort that goes into producing such a theme, and add to that the plethora of built in features, what more can you possibly want? I purchased this theme and found it easy to customise straight out of the box. Bearing in mind that I am a newbie and self taught, that makes this theme pretty impressive. Complaints about not being able to make changes to the footer.Are you kidding me? I'm new to this and it took me all of 10 minutes. I say to the author... Well done you! As an absolute beginner I was able to create a great looking site in no time that's pleasing to the eye, functions extremely well and mobile friendly. To the people who complain I ask, Have you considered becoming a refuse collector? Or perhaps you may complain that people are putting rubbish in the bin and you now have to empty it! I send a vote of 10/10 and a huge thumbs up!
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I just have to say that this theme is one of my favorites on the marketplace. It has a lot of advanced features and I feel like it may not be the best "first time" theme for anyone who has not used C5 before, but if you know what you are doing you can really make the most from this theme.

I have used this theme a number of times for different clients, and I am more amazed with it each time I do. Thanks so much sebastienj for another great theme.

FYI, a lot of people are saying the support is bad... I have not found that to be true. Sebastian has helped me several times and although he may not respond instantly, he always comes up with an answer and stands behind his work. His themes and add ons on C5 are great.
Review posted by PatrickHenry on at

Advanced, but Easy!

Very impressed with this theme. I'll admit, I'm pretty competent at working with c5 themes, and I've used many free themes and created several of my own. I just recently purchased a few themes that cost money tho, and Silence stands out from that crowd.
I'm used to going in and modifying themes to work them into what I need.
I was pleasantly surprised to find Silence had it's own Dashboard panel that included many options for stuff I generally have to hard-set via code.
While advanced, it's setup is clean cut and powerful. I highly recommend it to any c5 users who don't have access/knowledge to change theme settings manually.
This theme's got you covered with a nice interface that makes the job easy.
Great work!
Review posted by svenrex on at

Looks nice - but don't expect any support

Support is pretty much non-existent. The theme looks nice (obviously or I would not have purchased it) but I have yet to be able to customize the color scheme. Attempting to, has only led to the template breaking. Asking for support and a refund has been useless.

At this point, I guess I just have to consider it a loss of 60.00. If you think you may use some of the templates customization features --- DON'T buy this template. There are several options out there that work and that have support.... this is not one of them.
Review posted by jupiterG on at

Removing the shadow and editing the copywright info

Is it possible to edit the copyright area on this template? It has a shadow on it I'd like to remove. And put some links in there.Thanks!
Response by sebastienj on at

Not yet, only by duplicating elements/footer.php and edit the code.
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Great Theme

Great Theme sebastien

Great look, carefully thought out features, works great!
Review posted by scottchappell on at


Works great!
Review posted by ChosenOne on at

Nice theme

This is really nice and agile! Includes not bad additional features
Review posted by SignallHill on at


Response by sebastienj on at
If this message is a joke, I do not find it funny. I do not think I ripped a single person in my life, I will not start today or with you! Please remove this derogatory messages very quickly, this is neither the place nor how to treat a collaboration!
Review posted by Beray on at

Super Design

The best choice for a site with Slider Header
Pretty easy to change colours - well done
Review posted by Scanpers on at


What a theme. Everything one can dream of, this theme got it! You can do just about anything you wont and the bundle deal maks this the best deal on C5 in a long time. 100% I will be changing some of my other sites to fit Silence. Keep up the good work
Review posted by pendragn on at

Great theme!

This theme is good, and has a lot of ability to be customized. The documentation, though, is either hard to read, or lacking in a few areas. With that said, if you know a bit about Concrete5 then this theme will treat you VERY well!
Review posted by ZillionProductions on at

One of the best themes!

I'm a huge fan of this theme and the add-ons. It's easy to use, has got tons of customizable features to make a webstite look professional and slick. The support is also great; issues are usually get solved right away. Thanks for this!
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

Looks very nice

This theme makes my website look very nice and professional. It is highly customizable with a few mouse clicks. I will only have to change some CSS styles to optimize the appearing on mobile devices.
Review posted by sbbehrman on at

The Best

I tried out many of the themes as a newby to concrete5 and found Silence to really stand out from the rest. I'll admit I've been struggling to implement everything as I would like, but this is mostly due to the learning curve of the system. I love the opportunities that are there to build and maintain a site with the help of others.
Review posted by ziniatis on at

about this theme

I 1st purchased the theme, then I cancelled to take the add ons as well. I did not have a single issue from day 1.

Very good support and the template is fantastic

I am very greatfull for the support that Sebastien has to offer.
Review posted by togafninja on at

Good theme but very bad support

I give the theme 4 but give the support 1
Response by sebastienj on at

You are very hard with me. I did what I could to test sites with the error of navigation. I came to the conclusion that the problem was not Silence but a previous theme installed (or something like that I'm not sure) who had left the DIV which broke drag the structure expected by jQuery. I replied that I was powerless to do so, to query the global forum. I feel I have done my job. Now I asked the Global Forum for an answer. I repeat your mistake is not of Silence but directly affects them.
Review posted by Vnkrnn on at

Poor Support!

This beautiful theme had and has issues. Unfortunately the support for those issues is very disappointing. With other addons I've experienced pro active support, where Sébastien Jacqmin keeps you in the dark...

When reporting an issue, mentioning the use of the custom template, he replies: "You must choose Silence nav". On other comments he doesn't even respond at all. His bio sais: "I love both to walk in deep nature and stay during hours with my computer". Well, get out of the woods and treat your customers with more respect Sébastien! We pay good money with the expectation that support is provided.
Response by sebastienj on at

You are very hard with me. I did what I could to test sites with the error of navigation. I came to the conclusion that the problem was not Silence but a previous theme installed (or something like that I'm not sure) who had left the DIV which broke drag the structure expected by jQuery. I replied that I was powerless to do so, to query the global forum. I feel I have done my job. Now I asked the Global Forum for an answer. I repeat your mistake is not of Silence but directly affects them.
Review posted by crferguson on at

Poor Support & Significant Issues

This product could be so good but the developer has failed to implement the uninstall code. Also, the various additional products he bundles are not fully compatible with his own product and he won't fix even although he knows they don't work. So beware and use with caution. So nearly a good product but sloppy implementation and very poor support (see the other support requests as evidence).
Response by sebastienj on at
Sorry to disappoint you. The uninstall code is working well for EVERYONE that have buy Silence but not you. i think you need to reinstall the package. Yes, as explained in the description of the easy tabs block, it doesn't support script that need to be visible in the init. That is in your case.

Review posted by msanderson on at

Absolutely Amazing

This is a truly beautiful theme with an amazing number of options. It is going to let us do more with our site than I had hoped and keep it easy at the same time. The developer was also very responsive when I had a question.

One suggestion... I usually skip the manual and dive right in. That was a mistake in this case. My advice is to follow Seb's three youtube videos that show how he created the demo home page. Follow along, create a page just like his (even if just as a training exercise) and you'll come away with a thorough understanding of how this theme works.

Thank you Seb.
Review posted by icst on at


Merci à Seb pour ce thème et le package associé que je conseille vivement !!!
Le support est au delà de mes espérances !!!
N'hésitez pas.
Review posted by MarkRDF on at

Fantastic Theme

This is a very complete package. Easy for a newbie like me to get results but with advanced capabilities for the future.
Great work. Buy the bundle.
Review posted by macedo123 on at

Great looking and functionality, no documentation at all...

Great looking theme, one of the best in town. Does not get my 5 star badge because the complete lack of proper documentation on its many, many, many features, mainly the CSS class names and its applications. If you don´t mind gold mining for them, this is your choice.

Just after installation I had many problems with style, animated menu and block behavior, after 3 days of struggling, Sebastien, the theme writer, realized he had mistakenly released a bad version of the theme. Patching was very easy and solve all problems as follows:

BIG ISSUE....after 3 days, a simple fix:

Go to the package .../helpers/mylab_theme.php file and comment the line 31 like: //return true;

Response by dkroy on at
Hey did you email me about this, because your response was blank for some reason.
Review posted by Ekko on at

So many options, so easy to use.

This is the most impressive theme I have worked with, and I heavily suggest it for those just starting with C5. Instead of wondering how to enlarge your header, change the color, add some texture, put some nice css buttons etc etc just use the option menu used in this theme. Easy to use, and looks fantastic.
Review posted by dkroy on at

Great Feature Rich Responsive Layout

This is one of the best responsive layouts that I have ever seen. The install was a bit funky. I noticed that others had mentioned this. The author may want to add some step by step install instructions in the documentation, I was able to figure it out, but it may cut down on support time for others.

Once again I highly recommend this theme, it is the most feature rich that I have seen, I love how you can make alterations in the dashboard, I have never seen that before.
Review posted by imagery on at

Silence speaks loudly

I am extreme pleased with this theme. What stands out is its degree of customization with ease. There was a hiccup with the install that was easy to work out. A larger hiccup with installation of the add-on Blocks. Still working that one out, but I would definitely buy other products from Sebastian.
Response by sebastienj on at
Thanks :-)
Review posted by Hellohoney on at

Excellent Theme and fantastic support!

As a new and inexperienced user, I have found this theme to be fantastically easy to use. I have been very happy with how quick and easy it has made building an excellent looking site.

I have had a few questions/issues (all my own fault as a newbie) and the response has been quick and very helpful. Highly recommend!
Review posted by berteldk on at

Awesome theme and support

I purchased this theme and had some problems installing it because of some minor permission problems. Seller was helping me within 10 minutes and fixed the bug within an hour and everything is now working as promissed! Great fast support and lovely work. Whats not to like.

five stars and high five from here.

Review posted by tas246 on at

Fantastic Theme

Great theme, very custom. Had a slight issue, asked for support and was answered within hours.

Still working on final design, but overall a great product. One slight negative is that it did take a bit of effort to make the theme look similar to the sample, though that may be to my lack of experience with Concrete5. Please don't let the negative reviews stall you from purchasing... great product.
Review posted by Classy on at

Nothing Works Right

I purchased the silence bundle today. I assigned it to my project and after that the theme and add-ons were nowhere to be found in my dashboard to download/install. I manually downloaded the theme and add-ons and installed them into the website's directory manually.

Now that I have the theme uploaded and installed nothing works right. I changed the page background and the site name disappeared. My navigation menu is not displaying pages accordion style like the preview showed in the marketplace. I tried to change the background and border of the header, nothing was changed. It has been nothing but 12 hours of hassle today and I have gotten nothing accomplished because I am fighting this theme.

I would not recommend purchasing this theme to anyone. The preview and description in the marketplace explain that this theme has many options. It may have them but all of the times that I try to use any of them they do not work.

I am very disappointed and would like my money back.

*Updated Review Below*
You're right, the installation problem is probably a Concrete5 issue. However, the way the theme is behaving is not. I've used a half dozen or more themes on Concrete 5 and they were all functional. This theme has not been for me.

There is a reason people post reviews. They post them for future customers to hear about the experience with the products and services of previous users/consumers. I would not want someone else to have to go through the frustration that I have had with this theme, so I have posted my review.

Also, I sense some animosity in your response to me. That does not reflect very professionally upon you.
Response by sebastienj on at
This is the kind of message as nasty useless. There is a parity support 'to the right it is best to check BEFORE you accuse the product purchased. You are not the first to use this theme but you're the first with these problems. To believe that the theme was not installed, this ought to concrete5 a problem, not the theme. I would ask you the next time in my report the problem rather than write review Tyd
Review posted by gregk1972 on at

Amazing Theme

I have to say that I am new to concrete5 and to web design... I have no formal training. I decided to purchase Silence because of the way it looked and felt. I was a little worried that it would do the things it showed or that I would have a tough time figuring things out.

There is still a small learning curve for me... but I couldn't ask for a better theme... I like a clean but modern look and this theme offers that.

The bundle with extra add-ons was also a great gift.


It is products like these that are getting me excited to be part of this great network and community.

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