Simplicity2 - Only $29 for a limited time!

Simplicity2 is a multi-purpose, Bootstrap-driven, responsive theme. which means that it's viewable on any device. A lot of features are built in, including over 369 icons which are simple to integrate into your design.


  • Simple to use
  • Customizable styles via the 'Customize Theme' page in the concrete5 dashboard
  • Built with the Bootstrap front-end framework
  • Fully responsive design so you can view it on any device
  • Multi-purpose for use by any business or individual
  • 369 icons included
  • Many different page layouts
  • Multi-level drop down menu
  • Uses Google Web Fonts for striking type faces
  • Easy to install & setup

I also offer custom Concrete5 designs from only $890 USD. Drop me a line to [email protected] if interested or visit my portfolio at


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