I need to change Google+ and Twitter buttons for VK.COM and Instagram respectively

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I need different social networks.

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amrod replied on at Permalink Reply
you need to edit the following files ;
right_sidebar.php, home_alt.php, home.php, full.php, blog.php, default.php
starting line #68
<div id="social_share_wrapper">
<li><a class="tooltip" title="Share On Facebook" target="_blank" href="https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=<?php       echo BASE_URL?>"><i class="fa fa-facebook marginright"></i></a></li>
<li><a class="tooltip" title="Share On Twitter" target="_blank" href="https://twitter.com/home?status=<?php       echo BASE_URL?>"><i class="fa fa-twitter marginright"></i></a></li>
<li><a class="tooltip" title="Share On Google+" target="_blank" href="https://plus.google.com/share?url=<?php       echo BASE_URL?>"><i class="fa fa-google-plus marginright"></i></a></li>

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