can I start the autonavigation from the second level?

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I want to change website to bilingual so on the first level is now englisch/german and on the second level the Navigation, I can't find where to set the option, that navigation displays from second navigation level.

thanks for help. PETRA

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3CGroup replied on at Permalink Reply
I have the same problem. Disable the navigation option and adding a nav-block won't give options to a predefined lay-out like C5.6 used to have. Would like to have an option in the Theme panel for multi-lingual sites or choosing the level of navigation.

Kind regards pieter.
TeKnoZiz replied on at Permalink Reply
I would also like to specify a page where the autonav begins. What we are attempting is a an umbrella site with 3 microsites that have their own nav, rather than having three separate C5 sites. Basically I guess we are all looking for a way to use all the existing features of the autonav block without modifying the code or creating alternate templates.
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
I think that you have read from the documentation :

"Supermint have a auto embed navigation system. For those that need more controls on autonav block, a option in theme option page let you to disable the auto embedding navigation. in this case add a autonav block on the Navigation top Area with Supermint or Supermint Dropdown custom template on it".

But it's perhaps not exactly this that you need?

One the auto-embeding deactivated you can add a autonav with what setting you need.

LEt me know
3CGroup replied on at Permalink Reply 2 Attachments
Sorry Sebastien, I was a bit lost in the new C5.7 interface. I overlooked where to find the pre-definded styles.

So for the others, disable the navigation in the theme settings. Then add an autonav block to a sidewide area. For multi language make sure you have your language pages defined and choose the second level option. For drop downs use display all.

When the block is added choose "Display & Custom template" and choose the little sprocket and select for example "Supermint Dropdown". And you are set....

If you wish to see a home button in the menu you have to add an external link to your second level with a link to your specific language page, see picture.
3CGroup replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Petra,

did you resolve it? I wrote about it in this thread.

Kind regards Pieter.
petrastein replied on at Permalink Reply
... no I didn't. but I hadn't time yet to solve it, too.
What happened, I deactivated the autoembedded nav, so yes I read the documentation ...

But when I choose second level in the nav, it doesn't show me the Nav inside the language folder, so I couldn't find the settings to show second level ...
3CGroup replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Petra,

I first had the same problem, but I was working from the root (home). When I went one level down in my case Dutch or English Home page the menu showed it self. One of the errors I made also the first time is that I didn't drop the autonav in a global area. I was having problems with the grey description and the background color therefor not able to see if the area was global (sidewide) or not.

Hope that this helps you a bit.

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