i pay for it bun i can't download the theme

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i pay for it bun i can't download the theme i receive this

Thank you again for your order several days ago. I just wanted to follow up and make sure everything is alright.

If you need help with a specific add-on, please use the support forums for that addon:

Message from author: Thank you for your purchase. If you take the time to submit a review, I will offer you a licence fro a addon of My Concretelab ! Take your chance !

The link to download the free slider :

To Quickly build your website here a link to the demo site with administrator access where you will understand how page are build :
login : demo
pass : behappy

Please don't forget to take a moment and post a review while you're in the add-on area, you might win free marketplace credits!

Thanks again for your business, we really appreciate it.

best wishes
Franz Maruna
CEO, concrete5

Type: Pre-Sale
Status: In Progress
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sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
This message is from the purchase of Supermint 2, not 3. The V2 run on Concrete5.6, the V3 in for the Concrete5.7.
SO i don't know what happen ?

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