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Hi Seb,

Can you tell me what different variations of content & layout are possible on a Mega Menu?
Can I do...

1- different numbers of columns (2 colums, 3 colums, 4 columns, etc.)
1- columns, but with different section headings in each column
2- content other than by columns (tabs, photos, gallery like views, etc.
3- Forms

Also, for each parent page that opens a mega menu, it is my undertanding that an attribute is used to select a mega menu, correct? So is it a Page Select attribute? (or what type, that is, how does it allow selection of different mega dropdowns?)

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sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply

Supermint offer multiple layout possibilities in mega-menu.

- multicolumns (1,2,3,4,6)
- For each columns, how many blocks you want
- A full width header & footer.
- Each block that can be added in a stack can be added in a mega-menu
- Tabs & accordion can't be added because it is build from a stack.

I planned to improve it by getting all content from a special page. In this case you will use layouts, and ANY block you want.

No attribute is set, the stack need to have a special name : mega_menu{page-handle}

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