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I purchased and installed your theme "Supermint" on two of my projects.
In both, I can not delete the copyright and link in the footer (see attached file).
Is it possible to do so or should I delete it from the source code?


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bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Cesare77,

This is how I did that:

1. Go to "Supermint Options" on the dashboard
2. Click the "footer" item on the left (I don't remember the content that was there. but I removed it all)

Copyright and login: I added these lines to the supermint3 CSS file here (although I have since put the footer-note back:



#powered-by {
display: none;

#footer-note {
display: none;

This does not get rid of the area that contained it. That could possibly done with more CSS, maybe, but I didn't go that far. There may be a way to do this in the GUI, but I didn't bother to spend any more time on that myself. If someone else knows, I'd like to find that out for future knowledge.

Hope that helps.
Cesare77 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Bayleafmedia,

thanks for the clarification.
I wanted to be sure it could not be done from the GUI.

I spoke directly to the file footer.php
Each update of the theme will have to update it manually.

It would be useful, however, to be able to update it directly from the GUI.

Anyway thanks a lot.


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