Supermint Live Demo Home Page Jumping in Firefox

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Hi was looking to buy supermint theme, though home page jumps around a lot in current firefox browser. Wondering why?


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sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm just back from the home page on Firefox but don't see any anomaly ? What is jumping ?
shaolinsteyr1 replied on at Permalink Reply
totaffy replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes as shaolinsteyr1 said it seems to be caused by the carousel. The whole homepage jumps/pulls almost 1cm to the left in firefox for me everytime the carousel slide/content changes. Its very noticeable from the top of the page for me, and if I scroll down, can see that it occurs everytime there is a new testomonial. Appears to work fine in Chrome, Shame as looks a great theme. Hopefully something you can replicate and fix.
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
This happen on Firefox for Windows only. It's hard for me to test because i've only and it's a bit slow to keep all details.
I've created a pen, can you tell me if firefox jump on this ?
shaolinsteyr1 replied on at Permalink Reply
This happens also on linux, but on your link, there is no jumping at my firefox on linux.
okapi replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm experiencing the same. On each short moment when slides are changing a second scrollbar appears left from the default one.

Since using Firefox on Windows is not too exotic, it should be easy to reproduce and explore. ;)

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