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I have tried to get an answer to this problem since November 2016 and am not getting anywhere.

The client is losing faith with this website through this problem and I cannot seem to solve his problem. Basically it is a navigation problem. Items in the Sitemap appear normally in the left side menu bar on each page but they do not appear in the dropdown main menu. The pages are not set to be hidden in navigation but they just do not show. I attach a screenshot showing the problem. The items in the dropdown menu at the third level do not reflect the items in the left side navigation.

Please, please help me or tell me what I should be looking for. This is embarrassing for me with my client.



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sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm very sorry for the late!
The page that not showing is all aliases ?
ianj replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes the alias pages do not seem to show up in the dropdown menu but do appear in the fixed sidebar menus
ianj replied on at Permalink Reply
So is there any solution to this problem?

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