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Review posted by thebigideasman on at

Top theme

Fantastic and really stable theme, it's a joy to work with.

Would like it if the support was a little quicker, but hey, I appreciate that developers have other jobs too and you always come through with a solution on the rare occasion there is an issue. And in fairness, if there is an issue, 9 times out of 10 it is usually due to my customisation of the theme and not Sebs fault.
Review posted by teds on at

Great Theme!

The theme works great, sometimes you have to dig around in the code a bit but it's well organized and there are even examples that you can use that give different parts of the theme different feels. Highly recommend!
Review posted by CharismaBusiness on at

Fast, Solid, Clean with Great Support!

I can't find anything I would change about this theme. It has a bunch of features for nearly endless customization. I would recommend this theme for anyone. Great timely support as well.

Before 2.0

Review posted by DesignSheet on at

Complete, easy and sexy ! Love it !

This is a very complete package. I have been very happy with how quick and easy it has made building an excellent looking site.
Review posted by thebigideasman on at

Swoosh Theme

Nice design as usual from one of the best designers on C5 imo, but if you want the white box attribute to work with multiple blocks (in one single white box area) you have to build the content in stacks which is a bit of a pain and a bit limiting.

Seb, your support could be better too mate.

2.0 -

Review posted by petitefabric on at

Flat swosh...absolutely brilliant !

Excellent theme and excellent support. This theme is clean, professional and a pleasure to work with. The new version adds a real value. Thanks Seb !

2.0 -

Review posted by lota on at

I like Swosh!

The theme is good, small imperfections corrected immediately by the support!

2.1.1 -

Review posted by banditetr on at

The theme is very nice

it is a all in one very nice theme
Please do some more customization options for this theme (main background)

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