Tallyho revisited

Now my new website based on the Tallyho theme is up and running (version 1.3.8 running on top of Concrete5 it's time to give a more in depth review. Tallyho provided me a good solid start for my first site in the 5.7 environment. It's not a complicated theme and I was able to tweak it's looks the way I wanted. Most of that could be done by editing the defaults.less file that holds all the defaults for colors, font sizes and more.

I also made some minor changes to the theme i.e. changing the site's footer and adding an extra global area to the page templates to provide room for a breadcrumb trail on all pages except index.php.
Also important for me was the great support from Steveb who reacted very quick and adequate on my questions.

The site is about career management and coaching. It's my company website and since I live and work in the Netherlands all text is written in dutch ;-) The site can be found athttp://www.loopbaanwerkplaats.nl... (for some reason I couldn't add the site to the concrete5 showcase so far. It's an issue that seems to occurs to several site owners but so far no solution has been found).

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