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Review posted by db2 on at

Appearance changes to Theme not changing live site.

Oddly, it isn't saving my preferences, and I've tried updating, and even changing to a different template and back. It shows correctly in the preview, just does display on the web correctly. VERY frustrating after hours of toil.
Review posted by w2f on at

Responsiveness does not work.

This theme's responsiveness will not work properly on devices (smart phones and tablets) unless you are able to copy and integrate code in from a different Foundation Framework version. After using it on my desktop for months, I just recently discovered it when trying it out on my new ipad. In may situation, users on devices are not able to access Main Navigation Pages (parent pages) in the Menu Bar by clicking on it. Also, I am not able to make Edits in Content Blocks. The developer explained to me that this theme will not be supported since working on 5.7 is now the priority.
Other than that, if you can fix these kinds of issues by yourself or pay a developer to help you, then it's a really nice theme. I you are like me, and depend on things working "out of the box" I would recommend a different theme. I lost money and time on this one :(
Response by formigo on at
For people considering Venture for their own project the claim "responsiveness does not work" is a bit misleading. There are some other points we should clarify based on the content of this review:

The theme was purchased by the reviewer in July 2014 but was developed over 18 months ago. It is based on the Foundation 4 framework, a feature of which is that the top level navigations are 'steps' to open the sub level navigation on mobile viewports. So the reviewer is correct in this respect - content behind the top level menu is therefore inaccessible on smaller viewports. However, this is not unusual behaviour for responsive frameworks when catering for tablet and smartphone viewports in the absence of a 'mouseover' behaviour. Our demo site has been available since the theme was launched. It exhibits exactly the same behaviour.

Though the reviewer is correct with regard to the above, the absence of this feature does not detract from the theme's responsive behaviour. It breaks and flows as it should for different viewport sizes.

However on the following points the reviewer is incorrect, or mis-informed:

With regard to not being able to edit content blocks (presumably on a tablet device).
This not a flaw in the theme's responsiveness, nor the theme itself. concrete5 5.6 can be cumbersome to admin on tablet/mobile devices in our experience as that wasn't a primary development goal.

With regard to the point on not developing this theme since we are focused on concrete5 5.7.
We will maintain all of our work for bugs and even improvements. We are focused on developing for the latest version of concrete5 yes, and now, just as we did 18 months ago, we build using the latest versions of frameworks available (Foundation 5 and Bootstrap 3 at time of writing).

However, we will not attempt to retrofit functionality into a framework that was never designed with that functionality - as is the case in this instance - and presumably why the reviewer has, after 9 months of using the theme, lots of support from us (both inside the 30 days and outside on a goodwill basis) chosen to leave an inaccurate 1 star review, as well as ask for a full refund

So in summary. This theme is fully responsive. If you must have content behind your top level navigation as well as sub navigation under the same menu node, then it may not be the best choice for you. But, if you want to organise your content in the more usual way there is no reason this theme should not be perfect for your next project.

Before 1.0.3

Review posted by gmschade on at

really like it

like the floating nav bar a lot,
the add ons are useful and work well
had one problem and the developer fixed it quickly

1.0.3 -

Review posted by contactoicograf on at

A great theme with social network

It is very easy to work with this issue, is very friendly and have great technical support. It also has addons for very current and sites linked to social networks.

1.0.3 -

Review posted by litteraria on at


Well, Formigo have done it again! (Honestly, is it even possible for them to create anything sub-par? Methinks the answer to this is a resounding, "No.")

I love this theme. It's very professional-looking, which is exactly what my speech-therapist client wanted. And it's very flexible, too, so it can be changed up easily with CSS. :)

I've purchased a few of the Marketplace items Formigo have developed thus far, and rather than leave these sorts of starry-eyed reviews on EVERY ONE OF THEM, I figured I'd just write one mega-review.

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