<h4>Concrete5.6.x Ready</h4>

A lightweight, tableless, fluid W3C-compliant template website design by NodeThirtyThree Design. All photos came from PDPhoto and the background texture is from Mayang's texture site. You're free to dissect, manipulate and use it to your heart's content. Theme conversion by www.rynomediaonline.com.

The theme comes with a home, right sidebar, and full width page type.

Custom styles available via the TinyMCE / WYSIWYG editor.

The header image defaults to the current image but is changeable in edit mode by adding a different image to the block.

The search bar in the header requires you to have a page called 'search' at the top level (or you need to edit the header.php file to change the output location).

Full Demonstartion available here at: www.rynomediaonline.com


Updated Version 1.03

  • added blog entry page type and editable Site Name via Global Scrapbook

Updated Version 2.00

  • added global stacks; cleaned up style sheets and added editable styles via the concrete5 dashboard.
Approved by PRB

Our 30 Day Support Policy

  • Replies to tickets every few days.

Support Hosted

  • On concrete5.org

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