URL Director fifty (50) pack!

This provides you 50 yes 50! licenses to use for URL Director. This is an incredibly awesome add-on that is perfect for companies that are migrating from one CMS to another. You have full control over your site's urls. You can also create url shortlinks, redirect parts of your site to an external url. So go ahead and treat yourself 50 licenses for URL Director. If you often re-implement existing sites in concrete5 you definitely NEED this addon :) These licenses are standard concrete5 marketplace license with the following additional restriction: Any licenses cannot be re-sold or transferred for less than the value of 1 standalone license. This means you can't bundle this with a free theme and sell it for $15. Just behave yourself :)

Offer Items

URL Director

Advanced control & rewrites of ALL your site's URLs

# Licenses: 50 Price for 50: Normally $1000 Now: $500



$500 (Regularly $1000)

This offer is no longer available.