We need your help.

January 08, 2010
We want to show off concrete5 at SXSW, and we could really use some help getting there. Help position yourself as a savvy early adopter, help send us to SXSW in Austin!

concrete is Now Available

October 08, 2009
This maintenance release is highly recommended for all users of concrete 5.3.3. It includes a large number of important bug fixes.

concrete 5.3.3 is now available

September 30, 2009
5.3.3 is now available. This update includes more SEO improvements, new design controls, improved user search, update support for marketplace addons, improved mail and user profile support, a host of bug fixes, and a completely overhauled attributes framework for add-on developers.

Updating to 5.3.3

September 30, 2009
How to update to concrete5.3.3 - SUPER IMPORTANT!

concrete 5.3.2 is now available

July 23, 2009
5.3.2 drops! This update includes some nice feature enhancements for SEO, additions to the file manager and scrapbooking system, lots of bug fixes and a few security updates.

concrete 5.3.1 is Now Available

April 22, 2009
The first update to 5.3.0 is available, and provides a lot of fixes and a few feature enhancements.

concrete 5.3 is now available!

April 03, 2009
Our latest release is out the door. Tread lightly with this one, especially if you're upgrading older sites: we've added a LOT!

Concrete 5.2.1 is now available

February 24, 2009
The production release of Concrete 5.2.1 is now available. This update fixes some permissions and cache related issues.

Concrete 5.2.0 is now available

January 31, 2009
The production release of Concrete 5.2.0 is now available

Concrete 5.2.0RC2 is now available

January 13, 2009
This update is STRONGLY recommended for anyone who is testing out concrete 5.2. This update fixes a number of caching bugs, some of which can result in data loss and a less than optimal experience.

Concrete 5.2RC1 is now available

December 30, 2008
It's not quite rock solid stable, but we're proud enough of the latest C5 release to post it to SourceForge and let everybody beat it up.

Concrete 5.1.1 is now available

December 09, 2008
The latest update to C5, 5.1.1, is now available. This update fixes a small number of bugs in the IE 7 experience, in advanced permissions, and relating to some blocks.

Concrete 5.1 is now available

November 28, 2008
The latest stable version of C5 is now available. A lot has been added, including multilingual support, a better installer experience, and much, much more.

The C5 Update Center is now powered by C5.

November 14, 2008
Another part of concrete5.org is now built, appropriately, using c5. Check it out.

Concrete5.org Relaunched

October 30, 2008
We've added a lot to C5.org in the last few weeks, including bug and feature trackers, and our own forums, where you can get paid to help!

Concrete 5.0.0 Available

September 30, 2008
The latest version of C5 is now available. It adds significant feature, security and stability enhancements. Read on for more information.