Major Additions

  • Upgrade File Manager, which includes
    • Completely revamped interface, including improved searching and ordering, including highly customizable advanced search. Never lose a file again.
    • Tight integration with the online image editor Crop, resize and make other alterations to your images right from within your browser.
    • File versioning. Now you can replace files globally from within the file manager. Everything about a file, including its metadata, name, the file itself and its thumbnails are versioned.
    • Better organization. Create sets of files, and "star" files you think you'll need quick access to again.
    • Powerful metadata. We make editing tags, description and titles much easier for files. Additionally, administrators can add custom attribute types for files. All the attribute types available for pages are now available for files. Finally, file types can define their own attributes, and save their own custom information when they are imported or rescanned.
    • Easier ways to get files INTO the system. Files can be uploaded from within the browser, imported from an "incoming" directory on the server, or even grabbed from remote websites via URL.
    • Tighter integration with blocks. For example, the slideshow block now provides a way to use a file set as its data source, meaning you can allow administrators the ability to add files to that set, and never worry about them actually modifying the slideshow at all.
    • More flexible security. Grant administrators access to work with all files, or just the files they've uploaded. With advanced permissions you can even limit what file sets administrators have access to. And finally, individual files can have their own permissions and passwords. You'll also be able to limit which file types can be added by which users.
    • Flexible storage locations. You can add an alternate file storage location, and move any or all files to that directory. For ultimate security, move the entire files directory outside the web root. That will ensure that only those with specific access to the files can interact with them at all.
    • For developers, we're providing a much cleaner, much more stable API. Easily assign up to three thumbnails per file version. Define your own importers without touching core code, and you can track custom metadata for different types of files.
    • Much more!
  • Completely new help system, which connects to directly, returning results to questions and requests in real time. Additional help can be requested directly through the interface.
  • Much improved marketplace integration, including the ability to automatically install the featured marketplace items, and save items for later while browsing upon signing into the marketplace through your site, the item should be available for download and install.
  • Much improved dashboard sitemap. The sitemap should now handle larger sites much more efficiently. Additionally, in-context searching and page cut/copy make it easier to manage a site.
  • All-new scrapbook, managed through the dashboard, that gives clients access to global blocks. Developers can even include these blocks by name in their templates.
  • Improved registration options: OpenID support, IP Banlists (including auto-ban)
  • Improved form block, featuring a new "File" option (allowing you to upload files), and the ability to mark fields as required.

Other Feature Updates

  • When placing links in the content, pretty URLs should now be used.
  • Survey results are now included in the "reports" section of the dashboard.
  • Including newer version of ADODB library for greater compatibility using AXMLS.
  • Including jQuery 1.3.2 and jQuery UI 1.7.1, which includes much greater performance, a nicer calendar, and much more.
  • Basic HTML block is now included.
  • Additional user registration settings are customizable through the dashboard.
  • Pages may now have multiple page paths/vanity URLs, editable through a newly redesigned properties interface.
  • Improved layout to the add page overlay/dialog window, allowing more efficient addition of pages.
  • Pagination is now an option in the page list block.

Bug Fixes and Behavioral Improvements

  • Fix error when adding page attribute that already existed.
  • Much better, more robust content encoding, making concrete5 much more suitable for non-English languages.
  • Fixed bug where duplicating pages did not duplicate display order or selected themes.
  • Area::getTotalBlocksInArea() can now be run as intended, prior to actually running display().
  • Fixed bug where adding a user who could edit a site was unable to view versions.
  • Fix meta tag placement in core themes
  • Form block was not properly versioned, but this should be fixed.
  • Made cache an option that can be disabled for certain times when a site is under development or when a host has poor file IO
  • Old search indexing framework was replaced with custom framework based on MySQL FullText search, resulting in improved results, improved compatibility, and improved search performance.

Developer Updates

  • Blocks can automatically include JavaScript and CSS files in the site's header, when they're added to a page. This happens automatically, and even works for custom templates.
  • Attribute updates for pages and files
    • Select and Select + Add attributes have been revamped, made much more robust and nicer to use.
    • Rating attribute type and helper.
  • Add support for specifying page_not_found as a real page in the site, by adding it through single pages. Now your 404 page can be customized by the CMS.
  • Additional developer settings in debug section for database schema generation (define ENABLE_DEVELOPER_OPTIONS as 'true' in your site.php to see these in the debug page of your sitewide settings.)


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I bow at your feet and kiss them repeatedly.
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wow... this is a great list. Looking forward to using the Picnik integration and file versions.
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