Feature Updates


  • Autonav now includes a breadcrumb custom template.
  • Autonav can now start at a particular level.
  • concrete5 now includes TinyMCE version (upgrade from 3.0.9) for improved functionality in Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8
  • While paging through file manager you should be automatically returned to top of list on each page.
  • Make files and images linked to in content block be actual URLs, cached, instead of passing through index.php
  • Make custom templates work in global blocks
  • Better error handling when trying to operate on large images and getting memory errors
  • Made block types always removable, but only by the admin user.
  • The select menu in the file manager should now include "choose," allowing multiple files to be sent to blocks at once.
  • Make logs filterable by type.
  • Prettier multi-upload with progress bar.
  • Improved performance when indexing site for search.
  • Improved design to the add functionality page.
  • Common page title format SITE :: TITLE can be changed by overriding the sprintf format of the constant PAGE_TITLE_FORMAT.


Major Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the page type switcher sometimes skipping over sets of pages.
  • Sitemap improvements in IE 7 and IE 8. Internet Explorer 8 strongly recommended for display reasons.
  • Image slideshows based on file sets should now display properly in all cases.
  • Fixed edit mode stickiness when leaving a page for awhile
  • Fixed database error that can occur when incorrect passwords are used and IP banning is enabled.
  • Fixed text display in content toolbars of Sitewide Settings when using non-English translations.
  • Fixed occasional MySQL strict mode error on upgrading
  • When adding a block to the packages/ directory the add functionality page should no longer die with an error.
  • When adding a package to the blocks/ directory the add functionality page should no longer die with an error.
  • If a packaged block has been removed from the system a page that uses that block will no longer die if the controller cannot be found.
  • Fixed theme preview - although this is marketplace dependent.


Additional Bug Fixes and Behavioral Improvements


  • Fixed spell checker in TinyMCE
  • Custom scrapbook templates should now work in packaged blocks.
  • Fixed an inability to replace or delete files that were located on the alternate storage volume.
  • Error messages displayed when installing a package from the add functionality page in the dashboard.
  • Fix page list error where adding a page list block to defaults and selecting "this page" did not propagate when new pages were created.
  • Fix bug in file manager where uploading would hang when uploading a type not defined in file_types.php when running in MySQL strict mode
  • Fixed broken captcha in guestbook block in default theme
  • Registration page should no longer mention "terms and condition" when not necessary.
  • Make video block include its items properly.
  • Fixed an error in the JSON Helper that caused those without builtin json support to have trouble connecting to the marketplace.
  • Autonav should now sort better when encountering mixed case.
  • Image slideshow should behave better when images have spaces in their names
  • Search block should do a better job of displaying which pages it searches under.
  • Fixed uncaught error when attempting to install a block type that didn't exist.
  • Fixed an error when attempting to add a block that no longer existed in the filesystem.


Developer Updates


  • SWFObject no longer referenced by the core include. Moved into dashboard includes and the flash content player and video players includes it on demand.
  • Improvements to XHTML validation.
  • Made BlockController::getCollectionObject() more reliable
  • Added permissions checking to automatically generated dashboard subnav.
  • Added a new helper for "page_selector."
  • Add FLV metadata to files on import, updated video player to use
  • Home page cID is no longer hard coded in request library.
  • All attributes for a given file should be available for javascript methods to use




  • Add note in README file for upgrading databases




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no blog yet?
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any estimated date for a blog module?
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