Feature Updates

  • File Manager Improvements, including:
    • Bulk editing is available for file attributes (not just sets any longer.)
    • Bulk editing of both sets and attributes is automatically presented post upload.
    • More useful file sets in the file manager, including the ability to search by multiple set, and files which don't appear in any sets.
  • Added support for multiple scrapbooks. Removed the arbitrary difference between "user" and "global" scrapbook in the dashboard.
  • SEO Improvements
    • Modify getLinkToCollection method to returning page paths with trailing slashes in all cases. This should fix page list block, other blocks.
    • Made file and page links in content block returning paths with trailing slashes
    • Modified the View::url() method to add trailing slashes, hopefully resulting in the correction of all URLs generated by applications.
    • Non canonical URLs will be redirected to their canonical counterparts via header 301
    • When visiting a page that is restricted and then logging in, the canonical URL will be used rather than the cID
  • You can now provide your own page type icons by uploading files to a "Page Type Icons" file set.
  • Added width and height options to the Editor Settings area in the general settings of the dashboard
  • Add max width and max height options to image block.
  • Forgot password no longer puts the password in the email. Instead it creates a one-time URL that is used to change the user's password. This URL also expires in 2 hours.
  • Add Functionality Usability Tweaks, including much better presentation in IE 7.
  • Add captcha to built-in register form
  • Include robots.txt with distribution.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Should include support for Secunia Advisory SA35613, XSS and CSRF security bugs
  • Fixed a major security hole brought about by legacy concrete5 support, in which arbitrary files on a user's file system could be displayed.
  • Fix bugs in TinyMCE link substitution and image substitution routines where the same text gets screwed up when edited multiple times.
  • Better feedback when uploading files through file manager, including:
    • Will tell you when a file is discarded because it exceeds max_upload_filesize
    • Will Show you relevant settings when an error occurs
    • Will not report that the problem is token-based when it is not.
    • Should show you an error and not insert a file when a file cannot be written to the drive due to permissions, disk space, etc...

Additional Behavioral Improvements

  • HTML block should use a bigger width, height.
  • When visiting a page you're not allowed to visit, and logging in, you should redirected back to that page.
  • Improvements to sitemap.xml generator and search indexer
    • All internal pages are now excluded from sitemap.xml
    • All internal pages are now excluded from search index
  • Edit custom template is now bound to write permission instead of admin permission
  • Added Date Added, Active Version to files in file manager.
  • concrete5 will now attempt to create the cache directory if it doesn't exist.
  • A message now informs IE 6 users that their browser is unsupported when they sign in.
  • Log in and Log out now appears in Plain Yogurt and Green Salad themes.

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixing bugs with file manager metadata selection
  • Fixing some bugs when base href set in a site's theme.
  • All regular HTML/PHP pages shown in concrete5 should now be shown with the character set specified in the header, to fix certain IE 6-related bugs.
  • Fixed a page list preview problem where too many pages were shown when is_featured is required in the page list block.
  • Made the automatic email "from" address generated from your base url more reliable.
  • Form closing tag should be included on view template for survey block in all cases.
  • Duplicating a page with a form block now will correctly create a new entry in the forms reports section in the dashboard and not merge the new forms.
  • Improvements to non validated user flow.
  • Disabled google map block in edit mode to allow for easier drag and drop
  • Fixing a problem with quotes in page titles.
  • Fixing error in file set slideshow that was retrieving the height attribute by name rather than handle, leading to a fatal error in some systems.
  • Fix job date last run error when MySQL is in strict mode
  • Fixes bug in aliases support where certain aliases would disappear from navigation elements.
  • Fix error with autoloaded block items when overriding just the view.php in the local web root. (gallery block)
  • If a custom template is used that does not have its own directory, core view autoload items will be loaded (if they exist)
  • Fix alias display order bug
  • Fixed bugs with linking to pages on the site in the content block.
  • Exclude from Nav & Page List Block - Checking 'Exclude from Nav' in page properties should also exclude that page from the Page List block
  • Fix presentation issues in dashboard with statistics graph and overlays.
  • Fixed problem in upgrade helper that, when upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3, would not create some pages in the dashboard
  • Translation text fixes, better localization of some strings that were in config files
  • Fixing mail character issues in something mail applications.
  • Fix "defaults" page sometimes incorrectly showing which pages had aliased blocks, and then throwing an error upon submission.
  • Make sure swfobject is enabled for profile flash
  • Fixed bug with delete block making it impossible to delete pages (On Page Delete, unable to load sitemap.)
  • File Manager Replace dialog no longer blank in Internet Explorer

Developer Updates

  • Added support for "on_user_change_password" system event. Fires independently of on_user_update and gives the password in its arguments.
  • Support for package uninstall, including auto-uninstall of blocks, pages, etc.. Packages can also define an uninstall() method.
  • All core blocks should now us inc() to ensure that the correct files are always included
  • Certain core elements can be overridden in the local scope more accurately



Posted by atonaldenim on
Great news! Lots of useful improvements. Removing passwords from emails is my personal fav. Thanks guys!
Posted by nathan on
Cool great work, looks like you guys have been busy.

What's the word on multiple JavaScript library support? Has anything been done yet or is this still down the track?

For me personally this is the only thing stopping me from using concrete on new projects because I don't have the time to rewrite all of my scripts for jQuery.

Regardless, it's very nice to see such an active CMS other than the big 2 or 3, well done.

Posted by frz on

well i think we're in the same boat. it's very unlikely we'll be rebuilding everything with multiple javascript libraries when jquery works just dandy.

only thing keeping you from using your other libraries as well is bloat.
Posted by justinjools on
feature request:

I'm sure this is an easy one:

The ability to add more than one style in the editor. I am currently adding to styles to divs using HTML editor, which is okay for me but not so great for clients.
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