Feature Updates

  • Vastly improved file, page and user attributes, including:
    • Unified attribute framework, allowing for all attribute types to be used for page, file and users.
    • The "select" attribute type options may be reordered
    • The "select" attribute type may order its options by usage, display order or alphabetical
    • Better native storage of attribute types
    • The ability to search and sort by all attribute types in the same way
    • Added an "address" attribute for users
  • Upgrade support for addons, either by replacing the package locally or by downloading from the marketplace 
  • More page path SEO Work
    • Added PAGE_PATH_SEPARATOR constant and made it default to "-"
    • "_" becomes "-" - only for auto-determining page handles (at the javascript and page level - although this will not affect existing sites unless they are explicitly changed.)
    • No more duplicate "_" in page handles
    • Umlaut internationalization page aliasing fix
  • Improved User Search
    • Improved UI
    • Includes the ability to search by 1-n user groups.
    • Includes the ability to include attributes as column headers
  • Much improved user attribute editing - similar to file attribute editing.
    • Bulk Editing of User Attributes
  • Improved File Search
    • Includes the ability to include attributes as column headers 
  • Added support for "Timed Groups." Any group can have either a specific date/time or an interval after which a user who's been in the group will be removed from it. Users may also be deactivated automatically at this time.  
  • Block design controls, accessed through the block menu, allow site owners to control styles on a block level.
  • Improved Mail Support
    • Mail Settings tab in the Sitewide Settings area of the dashboard will allow sites to use external SMTP servers to send mail.
    • Mail Importers can poll external POP3 Mail accounts, import messages and act on them. 
  • User Profile Improvements, including support for private messaging, better attribute editing, and bug fixes. 
  • Search Block Improvements
    • Search block will look against page attributes that are included in the "keyword search"
    • Pages will automatically be reindexed, so running the index search engine job is only necessary for periodic maintenance
    • Search index automatically includes all pages, and then uses permissions to filter out pages
    • Search indexing will occur when a site is first installed 
  • Page List block can explicitly allow/disallow page aliases
  • Improved sample site - plus the ability to install concrete5 with no sample content whatsoever (except a home page.)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Improved support for PHP 5.3, including no longer displayed E_DEPRECATED error messages
  • Fixed Alias deletion bug where deleting part of a tree with alias deletes items under alias
  • Fix the register bug where users that have to be approved first are still actually logged in.
  • Page Paths should no longer be incorrectly truncated

Additional Behavioral Improvements

  • Image editing with picnik now works via POST; image editing should now be available from non-public sites.
  • Made maintenance mode theme editable through theme paths
  • Call addHeaderItem() from within a block controller's add() or edit() method will now include stylesheets or javascripts in the block popup.
  • Made getTemporaryDirectory() call a directory in the files/ directory (tmp) unless DIR_TMP is set to override
  • Restored draggable windows in the dashboard

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Internet Explorer Compatibility Fixes
    • Page metadata no longer looks strange and fixed when editing a page's properties in the dashboard sitemap
    • Drag and drop of scrapbook items should work in IE 8
    • Fixed bug in user selector JavaScript.
    • Removed IE 6 warning because false positives made it impossible for users to edit their sites.
  • Deleted users will no longer cause errors on the file manager access page.
  • Fixed color picker in IE 7/8 when used in blocks.
  • Fixed bugs in the user registration notification process
  • Fixing problems that led to certain random logouts
  • Foreground and background controls are added back into TinyMCE.
  • Fixed behavior in image helper where passed path's that were replaced with newer images would not update the thumbnail properly
  • Fixed bug in area popup that might cause javascript errors relating to blocks with apostrophes in their name.
  • Fixed bug where putting multiple lines into your custom CSS box would cause that button to disappear (thanks concrete5 Japan!)

Developer Updates

  • The asset library helper now takes an optional extension parameter, rather than just a file type
  • Additional helpers:
    • form/color (includes the color picker and posts a hex code.)
    • form/user_selector, including the ability to select one or multiple users
  • API cleanup to remove some global variable calls


Posted by defunct on
Looks fantastic!
Posted by MosheSWD on
One feature that I'd like to see in a future release is the ability to reset child pages once I change the default page.

For instance, right now I want to delete a particular block. I deleted it from the defaults Page Type, but it still exists on all the instances of that Page Type. This means that I need to go to every single page and delete that block from that page.

That's a lot of work!

It would be much nicer if there was a button "Apply Changes to Child Pages". I know that we can right click on a new block and apply it to Child Pages, but that doesn't help when we want to move blocks around or delete them.

Please - this is an extremely important feature for us web design and developers who want to use Concrete5 as our CMS.

Thanks for all of your hard work,

Posted by RadiantWeb on
Woot!! Fixes my add block java issue. Good job guys!
Posted by msa on
Maybe a warning that php 5.2 is REQUIRED for version 5.3.3 of c5 should have been added... Effectively hosed my installation and had to revert back to 5.3.2. Running RedHat Enterprise 5.3 stock installation.
Posted by nicolas on
Hi there,

I've got an error during upgrade, saying that PHP broke memory limits. I've modified index.php and added ini_set() command. After that, the upgrade goes well, and I removed the line.

Hope you find it useful because my host claimed that there is a lack of optimization in scripts ...

Good job, I love this release !
Posted by jbernat on
@nicolas, I ran into the same regarding memory. I increased the max memory from 16MB to 32MB to 64MB and it still failed.

How much did you have to allow for it to succeed?
Posted by andrew on
We have it set to 32M for our shared hosting accounts, and they upgrade without a problem. How large is your site? concrete5 shouldn't be any more memory intensive than your typical advanced CMS in day-to-day usage, but upgrading currently is pretty memory intensive, due to the way we deal with grabbing the current state of the database.

Does your site have a large number of pages, users, or attributes? What happens if you try something larger, like 128M? Is it possible that your PHP install isn't actually upping the memory when you try and change it?
Posted by jbernat on
@andrew, I uploaded my DB status on this page:


Its a relatively small site. Do you see anything unusual?

http://www.presentitnow.com is the site in question.
Posted by jbernat on
FYI: 128MB was required to complete the upgrade. Is our DB _that_ unusual?
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