• The password salt was somewhat insecure when used along with the "remember me" cookie. The password salt is now upgraded to a mixed case alphanumeric string 64 characters in length.
  • orig_path_info will be checked before path_info if it exists
  • Uncaught exceptions should not duplicate body tags, header stuff, if they're being displayed inside a theme.
  • Separate ADODB_Exception handler is caught
  • Only display exception database information if we're not in production mode
  • Better job of not allowing any usage if not in PHP5.
  • Give the ability to log exceptions (including DB related) independent of whether errors are displayed, etc...
  • Improved security when reading items in the tools/ directory
  • Direct access of scripts is now no longer allowed.
  • Jquery UI is all 1.5 stable EXCEPT date picker, which has a bug.
  • Click FULL site name in default template and green salad template to actually go back to the home page
  • Can clear logs
  • Bug testing "packages/applications" functionality for later usage. Enabling applications in dashboard UI.
  • Fixed some line endings in search classes that may have caused problems for some users.


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