The following bugs have been addressed in Concrete 5.1.1:

  • Content block: fixed error where placeholders like CCM_BASE_URL were being output into HTML code, breaking links and URLs.
  • Fixed dashboard submenu styling in IE 7 that had made it invisible
  • Fixed advanced permissions JavaScript in IE 7, buggy user/group selector menu when using advanced permissions
  • Google Map block: fixed error where changing the title of the map in the edit interface wouldn't change the title on the page.
  • Youtube block: fixed error where changing title of the video in edit interface wouldn't save.
  • External form block: tweaks to the example block.
  • Try to suppress errors whenever set_time_limit is used, in case the user's host has disabled access to set_time_limit


Posted by Shotster on
When does a new release typically appear in the SVN repo? It's sooo much more convenient for me to update that way.

Also, if these types of announcements had a date (like a press release), that would be helpful as well.

Thanks. Keep up the great work.

Posted by Shotster on
Ok, ignore that last comment of mine. I'm an idiot. I looked at 5.1.1, and "5.4.1" registered in my brain. (Of course, had there been a date shown in this announcement, that would surely have tipped me off.) :-/

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