Bug Fixes and Behavioral Improvements

  • Update form_results link in submission email template
  • Fixing bug that occurred occasionally when saving dashboard notes
  • fixing getcontents to work better with local files
  • When adding/editing a form block, the select menu only shows the last item in the list.
  • Make $html->image helper able to automatically determine image size, and it looks in several places for the image
  • Fixing problems with the event model, adding support for package level on_start event, which enables global application events
  • Fix block refresh on a packaged block returning "no block by that name found in core blocks directory"

  Developer Updates

  • Implement on_file_upload
  • Fixed Log() class so it's more sane to use.

WHAT'S NEW IN 5.2.0:

  Major Additions

  • Customizable themes. Designers/coders can edit the stylesheet to include editable styles, which site owners can then modify with easy tools. Watch a screencast about the theme customizer. Information about how to code your themes to take advantage of the customizer is coming soon.
  • Integration with the concrete5 marketplace, hosted at Browse addons and themes directly in your c5 installation, and even preview how your content will look in these themes. (Note: this can be disabled.)
  • Much improved performance: c5 now includes a caching engine that dramatically reduces the number of database queries made and, consequently, the amount of processing power and time required to render a c5 page.

  Other Feature Updates

  • You can set a global "tracking code" through the dashboard (useful for adding Google Analytics or some other statistics code to your website.)
  • You can now upload a favicon for your site through an interface in your dashboard.
  • You can control the rich text editor's toolbar set using options in the dashboard.
  • Page List block can display "featured" pages with a new checkbox option.
  • Stronger security: All c5 operations now use a security token, in addition to strict security measures used previously. This should eliminate any vulnerability to CSR attacks.
  • The dashboard has been better organized, with many different options consolidated.
  • The super user (admin) is now able to sign in as other users.
  • In-page popups should be draggable in supported browsers (IE7, IE8, Firefox - a jQuery UI problem prevents them from being draggable in Safari.)
  • Form and Guestbook blocks now have captcha support.
  • Checkbox list is now included as an option in the form block, instead of list box.

  Bug Fixes and Behavioral Improvements

  •     Page attributes of type "date" were completely unusable. This has been fixed.
  • The dashboard makes certain permissions limitations clear, rather than just silently failing to perform certain operations.
  • Better spellchecker helper support.
  • If a block includes the file "scrapbook.php," that will be shown for that block when it is in the scrapbook.
  • Fixed loader::element so that it looks locally first, then globally.
  • Lots of advanced permissions fixes for more advanced usage of C5.
  • The dashboard button will not be shown if the dashboard is inaccessible.
  • Dashboard pages automatically grab their subpages for their second level nav (or they use the $subnav array.)
  • Autonav block: fixed error where getting pages at the current level failed at the top level.
  • Autonav block: If autonav returns the first page, we don't return cID=1 instead we just link to the top level of your site.
  • Autonav block: if the autonav is working at the first level of your site, the home page will be grouped in with the results (and can then be excluded if desired.)
  • Removed "Unable to load sitemap" when closing a node in the dashboard.
  • Fixed an inability to delete page types.
  • Fixed group selector paging bug where lists and paging didn't match up
  • Fixed advanced permissions so that block level permissions TRULY filter all the way from area to page.
  • Fixed page permissions sheet to not show "add user/group" button unless the page is set to manual permissions
  • Fixing bug where c5 cannot be installed directly into a relative directory with spaces (session bug)
  • add/update group now checks for group name prior to adding/updating
  • Fix ccm_validateblock to clear itself out when closing the block dialog window, fixes problems with using certain blocks, cancelling them, using another block, and getting an error.
  • Disable links in versions/compare iframe
  • Fix a bug where the favicon being uploaded wasn't actually pointing to the right file
  • Links should be disabled in arrange mode

  Developer Updates

  • C5 does a better job of displaying certain errors when reading from db.xml files in block controllers.
  • Blocks now have access to a new event, on_page_view. Anything added to this method will be run if that block is included on a page, before the page is rendered, allowing blocks to insert content into the page's header (like stylesheets, javascript, meta tags.) Additionally, the addHeaderItem() function will now check to see if the same item has already been included.  
  • Made it so that the dialog class and stylesheet can be loaded independently of C5's core, so that app developers can use it as their dialog class.
  • Added "element" syntax to the dialog javascript so that content can be loaded in from the page rather than through ajax.
  • Any file included in a block using inc() will grab it's local version of the template. Fixed content block to include editor_config.php using this method.
  • Add support for global on_before_render event and on_render_complete.
  • Autonav block: Incorporated Remo's autonav attribute, "replace_link_with_first_in_nav."
  • Consolidated Concrete5 and Custom Logs because the difference is negligible.
  • Incorporated a new page list/item list class, ported page list block over to using it, for better API when dealing with searchable lists
  • Ported groups listing over to new page list/item list framework, using pagination helper
  • Made MENU_HELP_URL something that can be overridden in config/site.php
  • Including captcha helper with simple API
  • Add support for $appVersionRequired protected variable to package class. Checked on installation.



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