Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed major caching bug where removing old versions removes content it shouldn't.
  • Inability to delete aliases in certain contexts
  • Fix areas so that updating advanced permissions will clear area cache
  • Fixing error where using setAttribute, addAttribute methods in collection class weren't refreshing the cache
  • Fix error with sort order not updating.
  • Fix caching bug w/versions when removing a newer version, approving an old one, unable to exit edit mode
  • When aliasing a page in the sitemap the alias's parent will be updated to show it
  • Fixed Bug where aliasing a page under another page turns the original into an external link
  • When deleting a page OR an alias in the sitemap the parent will turn from a folder into a page if applicable

Other Feature Updates

  • Form and Guestbook blocks now have captcha support
  • Checkbox list is now included as an option in the form block, instead of list box.

Other Bug Fixes and Behavioral Improvements

  • Fixed an inability to delete page types
  • Fixed group selector paging bug where lists and paging didn't match up
  • Fix advanced permissions so that block level permissions TRULY filter all the way from area to page.
  • Fixed page permissions sheet to not show "add user/group" button unless the page is set to manual permissions
  • Fixing bug where c5 cannot be installed directly into a relative directory with spaces (session bug)
  • add/update group now checks for group name prior to adding/updating
  • Fix ccm_validateblock to clear itself out when closing the block dialog window, fixes problems with using certain blocks, cancelling them, using another block, and getting an error.
  • Disable links in versions/compare iframe
  • Fix a bug where the favicon being uploaded wasn't actually pointing to the right file
  • Links should be disabled in arrange mode

Developer Updates

  • Incorporated a new page list/item list class, ported page list block over to using it, for better API when dealing with searchable lists
  • Ported groups listing over to new page list/item list framework, using pagination helper
  • Made MENU_HELP_URL something that can be overridden in config/site.php
  • Including captcha helper with simple API
  • Add support for $appVersionRequired protected variable to package class. Checked on installation.



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