, Released Sun. June 1st

  • Upgrading is now available going forward. When the next version of Concrete5 is available, you can following the instructions [[concrete5:upgrading concrete|here]].
  • The jobs system is in place. Jobs are site tasks that can be scheduled. One job is currently available - search indexing.
  • Much more sensible layout to the core concrete libraries (and packages.)
  • Search indexing, using Zend Framework's Lucene module, is available through the dashboard.
  • Your site may be placed in maintenance mode in the settings section of the dashboard. When in maintenance mode, the dashboard is accessible but the site appears down.
  • Fixed an error in the login controller where a user's password would never be sent to them., released Fri. May 23rd

Note: This version contains database changes but no migration assistant. You will need to reinstall Concrete for this version to be used.


  • User attributes are created during installation

Bug Fixes

  • The form block now works in Safari.


  • Export to Excel has a nice icon
  • Many dashboard pages have been consolidated, resulting in an easier, simpler experience with quicker access to frequently used items.
  • Sorting user attributes works.
  • The design of pages (page type, theme) is now available through the sitemap.

Code organization/cleanup

  • Form results code are separated from presentation, use MVC.
  • Backend JavaScript uses new Jquery 1.2.4b, along with the JQuery UI library (rather than the deprecated interface library.)
  • Blocks now adhere to an MVC arrangement similar to single pages and page types.


  • New flash uploader used in asset library and popup.
  • Updated icons throughout.
  • Updated system pages using the new C5 logo.
  • Improved design tab makes choosing page types and themes more intuitive (now with eye candy!), Released Fri. May 16th

Note: This version contains database changes but no migration assistant. You will need to reinstall Concrete for this version to be used.

Installation Changes

  • Site is no longer protected by default after installation.
  • Admin group now has the ability to do anything to the site that the admin user can do.
  • Admin user is automatically logged in following installation.
  • Installation routine should check whether important files/* directories are writable.

Rich Text Editor Changes

  • Re-skinned TinyMCE popup windows.
  • Initial support for sitemap in TinyMCE.

Editing Changes

  • Breadcrumb navigation across top panes.
  • Ability to exit edit mode without saving version changes.
  • Including date/time helper, using helper in advanced permissions model time release permissions.
  • Using new date/time helper in edit properties pane
  • New user/group selector in advanced permissions model.
  • Reskinned block menus are more subtle.
  • Better designed dialog boxes in advanced permissions model.

Dashboard Changes

  • Pages in sitemap are now filtered by read permissions.
  • Adding pages through sitemap now reloads to sitemap page by default, in order to easily add lots of pages.
  • Permissions checks and fixes in dashboard, using navigation class to handle the dashboard pages (including permissions)
  • Ability to filter dashboard and system pages in the sitemap.
  • Improved user creation and searching.
  • Dashboard home page added the reports module, using open flash charts.
  • Asset library menus mirror the menus on the rest of the site. Better designed properties dialog.
  • Added the ability to add external links through the sitemap, have them display in the navigation.
  • Help dashboard box has the ability to search the concrete5.org wiki.


  • Many cosmetic tweaks and fixes., Released Fri. May 9th

Initial alpha release. First to hit sourceforge.


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