• Dramatically improved Concrete's interaction with TinyMCE, added the Concrete5 Toolbar.
  • Fixed permissions bug on login and register pages
  • New default template with more page types, cleaner skin
  • Reorganized and improved sitewide settings dashboard page.
  • More consistency in dashboard UI
  • fixed bug in adding/editing external links dashboard sitemap in Firefox
  • Breadcrumb trail has been moved out of the panes and into a bar that's automatically shown when the page controls are moused over.
  • Page Attributes are assigned to all default page types
  • Exclude from Nav attribute is available to keep pages out of sidebar navigation.
  • Made userlevel config
  • Fixed a bug where user avatars got reset on editing a user profile.
  • Cleaned out custom forms and made them use functionality similar to the block controller
  • Style tweaks and fixes
  • TinyMCE 3.0.9 is integrated, better Safari support
  • Fixed problem with simple permissions model where the admin bit wasn't getting set when overriding permissions on a lower level
  • Additional work done to the indexer, allowing the specifying of areas
  • Fixed bug where you could move a page underneath itself.


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