John Hencken

Been writing software since the 1980s. Most early experience with SQL Server and Windows front ends. Was software developer at an auto insurance company and was promoted to Director of IT. Currently focusing on Concrete5 websites for clients and writing Concrete5 v7+ Add-Ons.
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PO Box 2540<br /> Weaverville, North Carolina 28787<br /> United States

Past Experience

Management Experience: Have managed the following departments: information technology, software development, engineering and manufacturing.

Technical Experience: Developed needs and ideas from inception through release to manufacturing in a variety of fields from medical electronics to industrial computers. Have designed and coded software for industrial and business applications.

Software Experience: Intel based PCs - managed and programmed the complete start to finish writing of numerous custom network database and client/server software programs. Proficient object oriented programmer. OOP Class library developer. Certified PowerBuilder Developer (CPD), Borland Delphi (over 12 years of Turbo Pascal / Borland Pascal / Object Pascal experience), MS SQL Server, MySQL Databases, SQL Anywhere, Internet Web site design and development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, XML, SQL, PHP, SQL Stored Procedures, Bootstrap, Concrete5. Built third party Concrete5 Add-On products using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. Built MySQL stored procedures to translate complex questionnaire data into statistical report data.

Hardware Experience: Designing, prototyping and testing Intel 80286, 80386 and 80486 single board computers and adapter cards.


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Standford University :: BS General Engineering (Product Design - Electrical and Mechanical Engineering)
University of Phoenix :: Master of Business Administration


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