John J Oleksiw Jr

Website administrator/developer for a co-op community and a non-profit.

Learned how to build a website from scratch using Bootstrap for the co-op. Now developing a new website that;requires maintenance to be done by members of the non-profit with no programming experience. Evaluated a lot of CMS and Wiki options; selected Concrete5 because it is easy to use and customize for "editors" while "developers" like myself can customize and extend it's functionality.
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Connecticut<br /> United States

Past Experience

40 years experience in Corporate IT. Retiring 7/6/2020!

Extensive technical writing experience, especially step-by step procedures in user manuals.

Expert level programming skills in multiple languages, most recently Perl and Python; proficient using Bash, Powershell, Javascript, PHP, and SQL queries. Used many source code management tools; Enterprise GitHub is the standard now.

Recent experience coding AWS lambda functions and Django python modules. Expert in configuring advanced Zabbix monitoring. In-depth knowledge of SNMP.


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