Swissmovie, founded in 1998 in the center of Western Switzerland specializes in the design, creation and production of films, videos and new electronic media. It is also acts as a preferred strategic partner for many Swiss national and international companies and affiliations.

To provide maximum flexibility in terms of creativity, quality, timeliness and cost optimization, Swissmovie is completely autonomous in its production abilities in terms of human resources and technology. In addition to the resources of our company, we partner regularly with external national and international experts from the film making world (directors, cinematographers, cameramen, editors), entertainment (special effects, 2D, 3D), as well as the sound field (composers, speakers, recording studios, sound engineers). This dimension allows our customers to use audiovisual tools best suited to meet their communications strategies, objectives and perspective budgets.

We put our strengths and skills available to companies looking for a strategic creative, qualitative, dynamic and flexible partner that is able to provide a long term sustainable service consistently nationally and internationally.
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