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Thomas Dausner

For years i do run the software development business. Thats my profession and vocation. Web development is my passion. Learning new technologies is a part of my life. Learning is no one-way-street, the learned knowledge I like to share. As a member of an international team I feel home.
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Binger Str.<br /> 65<br /> Boppard 56154<br /> Germany

Past Experience

- in the web business since 2001
- template design for c5, Joomla!, smf,...
- packages for c5, smf, plugins for Joomla!
- web design (click dummys, prototypes...)
- HTML5, CSS3/less, JavaScript/AJAX, jQuery
- PHP, Java, mySql, Oracle, Sybase
- apache, tomcat, linux, solaris
- scripting bash, TCL, awk
- Corba, SOAP/XML, Java Beans OpenAdaptor
- SCCS, RCS, Subversion, TFS
- documentation (Word, OpenOffice, FrameMaker)


GI Gesellschaft für Informatik
GUUG German Unix User Group


professional university degree in electronics


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